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a magnet is plunged into and out of a coil of wire 2 times per second.this induces 5 volts.

(a) if the rate of motion changes so that the magnet is plunged in and out 6 times per second ,what will be the new induced voltage?
(b) if the number of coils in the wire is doubled from 100 to 200 and the original rate of 2 times per second is kept the same ,what will be the new voltage induced?
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I need to know how the answer is obtained? and the answer

the magnetic flux is proportional to NBA where N is the no. of turns, B is the strength of the magnetic field, and A is the area of the coil.  the current is proportional to the rate of change of flux with time.  
(a)if the rate increases by a factor of 3, so will the current, and hence, the voltage, up to 15 volts.
(b)if N increases by a factor of 2, so will the flux, and the current, and hence the voltage, up to 10 volts


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