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Algebra/Math: Algebra Subtitution 8th garde


1. Massenger servive A charges $15 for pick up and $1.50 per mile for delivery.

a.  If the delivery distance is 10 miles,  which company charges less?  How much less?

b.  If the delivery distance is 25 miles,  which company charges less?  How much less?

c.  At which point will both companies charge the same amount?

2. Use substitution to find the intersection point of the graphs of the system of equtions.

a.  y= 6 - 2x and 4x + 2y= 8

3. What is the solution to each system of equations?  If there is no solution,  explain.

 a. y= 19x + 92 and y= 25x - 40

 b. y=23x + 175 and y=23x - 150

4.Identify the graphs of each pair of equations as parallel,  intersecting,  or indentical.  Explain.

a. y=2/5x + 7 and y= 0.4x - 1

b. 3x - 2y = 1 and 2x - 3y = -1

c. 3x - 2y= 5 and -3x - 2y= -5

d. 2x - 3y = 6 and y = 2/3x - 6

5. Write an equation  of the line that contains the given point and its parallel to given line.

a. (12, -3); y = 5/6x - 3

b. (-6,-5); 2x - 3y = 12

c. 3x + 2y = 5 and -3x - 2y = -5

d. (-2,-11); x = -12 2/5

e.(-2,-11); y=15.75

6. What is the value of k such that the graph of the equation will pass through (0,-8)?

a. y=5x + k

b. y=6x + k

c. y=7x + k

d. y=100x + k

e. y=qx + k

f. What pattern do you notice about the value of k?

7. What is the value of k such that the graph of the equation will pass through (0,-8)/

a. y= 5x + k

b. y= 6x + k

c. y= 7x + k

d. y= 100x + k

e. y= qx + k

f. What is the relationship between k and the slope?

1. What about messesger service B?
2. lines are parallel
3. x=22, y=510
4. a. parallel  b. intersect  c. intersect  d. identical
5. a. y = (5/6)x-13  b. 2x-3y = 3  c. identical  d. x=-2  e. y=-11
6. a. y=5x-8  b. y=6x-8  c. y=7x-8  d. y=100x-8  e. y=qx-8
7. same equations, no relationship between k and slope


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