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Dear Richard,

I'm truly sorry and I understand that you couldn't read the pictures. I had no idea that the pictures would be so hard to read at the 100% zoom. I could see them just fine from my computer. But thanks so much for trying though! :) I have taken the time to type down the questions that you couldn't read. Please let me know if I have typed down the problem wrong. By the way, is there any way I could contact you other than this without spamming the site? I want to save your questions limit of the day for other users! :)

Rational Expressions and Complex Fractions:

5) Simplify:

8) Simplify:
x4-2x^2y^2+y^4/x4-x3y-xy3+y4 (I'm not too sure if the 3's and 4's are square roots, but are they?)

19) Simplify:
7x^2/9y (divided by) [4x]/[15y^2]|35/6xy|^-1

20) Simplify:

21) Simplify:
|x^2/x|x+1/x+2| (divided by) |x/(x+1)(x+2)|

22) Simplify:
3x^2-8x+4/9x^2-4 (divided by) 3x^2-5x-2/9x^2-3x-2

23) Simplify: (there are three levels on this problem)

24) Simplify:

25) Simplify:

26) Simplify:

34) Simplify: (there are two levels in this problem)

Fractional Equations:

1) Solve:

2) Solve:
s-2/2 - s-1/5=1/4

3) 1/4-t+2/3+1/6=>0

4) Solve:

5) Solve:
t^2/6 - t/2 - 2/3 = 0

6) Solve:
v^2/6 + 1/8 = v/3

7) Solve:
t(t-1)/3 = t+1/2

8) Solve:
w(w-1)/3 + 1/2 = w+1/2

9) Lisa Chen invested $24,000, part at 8% and the rest at 7.2%.  How much did she invest at each rate if her income from the 8% investment is two thirds that of the 7.2% investment?

10) How much of an 18% solution of sulfuric acid should be added to 360 ml of a 10% solution to obtain a 15% solution?

11) Pipes A and B can fill a storage tank in 8 hours and 12 hours, respectively.  With the tank empty, pipe A was turned on at noon, and then pipe B was turned on at 1:30 P.M.  At what time was the tank full?

12) Solve:
2/x + 1/4 = 1/x

16) Solve:
(y+1)^2/(y-3)^2 = 1

17) Solve:
1/s + s/s+2 = 1

18) Solve:
k/k+1 + k/k-2 = 2

19) Solve:
1/x+1 - 1/x+2 = 1/2

20) Solve:
1/s+3 + 1/s-5 = 1-s/s+3

21) Solve:
x/x+3 + 1/x-1 = 4/x^2+2x-3

22) Solve:
y/y+2 - 2/y+3 = 10/y^2+y-6

23) The intake pipe can fill a certain tank in 6 hours when the outlet pipe is closed, but with the outlet pipe open, it takes 9 hours.  How long would it take the outlet pipe to empty a full tank?

24) Tim paddles his kayak 12 km upstream against a 3km/h current and back again in 5 hours and 20 minutes.  In that time, how far could he have paddled in still water?

25) Members of the Ski Club contributed equally to obtain $1800 for a holiday trip.  When 6 members found they could not go, their contributions were refunded and each remaining member then had to pay an additional $10 to remain at their goal of $1800.  How many went on the trip?

26) When Ace Airlines changed to planes that flew 100 km/h faster than its old ones, the time of its 2800 km Dallas-Seattle flight was reduced by 30 minutes.  Find the speed of the new planes.

27) The formula S = D/T can be used to find the average speed of a trip, were D equals total distance traveled and T equals total time spent on the trip. Elizabeth drove half the distance of a trip at 36 mph.  At what speed should she cover the remaining half in order to average 45 mph for the entire trip?

28) The formula, A = P + Prt, can be used to find the amount of money (A) in a savings account, where P is the initial deposit, r is the interest rate, and t is the time in years.  Jonathan deposits $400 into a new savings account with an interest rate of 3%.  He makes no other deposits or withdrawals.  How much money, in dollars, will Jonathan have in the account after 1 year?

29) The formula, d = vt + 0.5at^2, can be used to find the distance (d) traveled by an object, where v represents the initial velocity of the object, t represents the time, in seconds, and a represents the acceleration, in meters per second squared.  A bicycle traveling at a velocity of 4.5 meters per second accelerates down a hill at a constant rate of 0.4 meters per second squared for 12 seconds.  What is the distance, in meters, that the bicycle travels?

30) While on a business trip to France, Bob felt ill.  The hotel manager gave him a thermometer which measured his temperature in degrees Celsius.  The thermometer read 38 degrees Celsius.  The formula, F = 9/5C + 32, is used to convert temperatures in degrees (C) to degrees Fahrenheit (F).  What is Bob's temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?  Round the answer to the nearest whole number.

For the next two questions:  If there is no solution, type "no solution". If there is not enough information present to solve the problem, type "not enough information".

32) Solve:
u(u-1)/2 + 1/3 = u(2-u)/4

33) Solve:
2t(3t+1)/5 - t+1/2 = 1/10

5. (t-c)/(t+c)  8. yes, they're sq. roots (x^2-y^2)/(x^2-xy-y^2)
19. not clear
20. (t-1)/(t+1)  21. (x+1)^2  22. (3x-2)/(3x+2)  23. 1/[x+y)(x^2+y^2)]
24. 4/5  25. 1/3  26. 8/15  1. u=5/3  2. s=7/2  3. t=>-3/4  4. x <=7/39
5. t = 4,-1  6. v = 1/2,3/2  7. t = 4.345,-0.345  8. w=0,5/2
9. $9000 at 8%, $15000 at 7.2%  10. 600ml  11. 5:24PM  12. x=-4  16. y=1
17. s=2  18. k=-4  19. x=0,-3  20. s=1,3  21. x = 3.828,-1.828
22. I presume it should be y/(y-2) -2/(y+3) = 10/(y^2+y-6), y=2,-3
23. x=18  24. k=6  25. 30  26. 800mph  27. 60mph  28. $412  29. 82.8m
30. 100F 32. u=-2/3  22. t = 3/4,-2/3
I don't like to have to repeat answers

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