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Algebra/Aeroplane + Helicopter Integrated Electro Mechanical Machine


Dear Prof Scott‎‎

1. Is it possible to design and manufacture / construct a Integrated Aircraft which can work both as a Aeroplane as well as a Helicopter ?. The machine will have wings as well as rotors. The Pilot will be able to fly either as a Aeroplane as well as a Helicopter.

i.e. The Operations features of both the machines viz Aeroplane and Helicopter will be integrated in a single machine.

2. If possible will it be  complex machine to design &
manufacture ?.

3. Will there will be benefit if both the operation features ar integrate in a single machine ?.

Will Commercial Air carriers like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Air India, Singapore Airlines etc will employ these Aircraft + Helicopter Dual Model i.e. Integrated Single Machine for Passengers travelling Overseas as well as Domestic / Local ?.

In case not, Where these Aircraft Model will be Useful for Flight Operations ?.

4. The Aircraft Pilot in this model can start the Aircraft i.e. during flight takeoff can work only with one operations mode viz Airplane OR Helicopter. If Airplane Mode is selected, Wings will be adapted or if Helicopter mode is selected Rotors will be adapted for flight operations.

During Landing the Airplane or Helicopter will use the standard mode as per the selected Model during takeoff.

5. As you mentioned "The usual mission of the V-22 is to take off in helicopter mode, transition to aircraft mode (forward flight), arrive at scene and reverse the operation and land vertically".

If the Other Aircraft mode is selected i.e. "Airplane" during flight takeoff operations then as usual the commercial aircraft runs on the runaway to take off then could it be useful ?. Can it be designed to start also in "Airplane" as well as "Helicopter" mode ?.

Once the flight has taken off, during flight operations the Aircraft should also have the capability to Stop in the air (The Helicopter allow this functionality unlike Airplane) for few minutes to hours.

While descending/landing it will descend as usual as a Commercial Aircraft.

If you select the Helicopter Mode during flight takeoff it should work as usual as it was working before as you mentioned.

So this aircraft can be useful for both Military as well as Commercial Airplanes. Isn't it ?.

The cost of manufacturing those Dual Mode Designed aircraft/s will be expensive ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Answer‎! refers to a comedy about airplanes. ‎ talks about helicopters. is about a helicopter that can also e an airplane.

1. Articles 3 describes such a item.  It has been used in combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Libya.

2. Boeing already makes them, so it must not be too complicated.

3. They are very useful in that they can easily take off from an aircraft carrier as a helicopter and then travel as an airplane.  If the need arises, they can convert back to a helicopter to touch down on land or another ship with a large deck.

Iím not sure about this type of plane being useful to public airlines until they find it useful to land on a landing spot instead of the runway.  Perhaps if the air traffic gets fairly busy, this might occur.  At the busy airport they could take off as a helicopter and then land as an airplane at a not so busy airport.  Again, though, this would increase the cost of designing the plane, and as of yet, thatís not useful.

4. Yes, the airplane is converted from one to the other when it needs to be done.  This is usually helicopter mode for takeoff/landing and airplane mode for being in the air.

5. I donít believe it would be useful to take off as an airplane when it can be done as a helicopter.  Perhaps if the plane needed to get somewhere else while on the ground, the plane could taxi to that spot in airplane mode, but it would still be best to take off as a helicopter.

In some situations in the air, it is useful to act as one or the other.  It would seem that the device could do this, but to convert from aircraft to helicopter or back again, it would have to go into a glide mode while this was done.

I donít see where the ability to land as an aircraft would be useful at all.  Even if there was a runway available, the plane could still land as a helicopter.  This is because a manufacturing the helicopter from is much more expensive.


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