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Indian electricity prices have risen from Rs.6.4 to Rs.6.5 per unit. Arvi's factory expected to use 600 units in the next billing period.He installed solar panels at the start of that period. This reduced electrical usage by 90%. How much did Arvi's bill decrease?
Please answer the question sir.
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Arvi expects to use 600 units in the next billing period.

His bill will be reduced by multiplying the amount expected by 0.90.

The bill will be increased by multiplying by 6.5/6.4.

The old bill would have been found by taking 600 * 6.4 = 3,840.

The new bill is found by taking this 3,840 * 0.9 * (6.5/6.4).

That gives Rs.3,510.

This is a reduction of Rs.3,840 - Rs.3,510 = Rs.330.


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