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Hey there! I am so close to graduating, I just have one subject left- algebra 2. I am home schooled and I am having a very hard time with algebra 2. There are a couple questions on my exam that i just don't know and i was wondering if you could please help me and explain your steps so I understand what you did to get your answer. Thank you in advance for your time!

1. The area of a right triangle is 260 in squared. Find the lengths of its legs if one leg is 6 inches longer than the other one.  

2. Simplify form without any negative exponents  
(5/4)^-2 (3/2)^-1

3. Assuming that none of the solutions are undefined, simplify each  


4. x^2-5x+4/x-1

5.  16x^2-4x/4x

1. Area = 260, so 260 = bh/2; b=h+6; this implies that 260 = (h+6)h/2.
That is the same as 520 = h^2 + 6h.  Subtracting 520 from both sides
(and flipping the sides) gives h^2 + 6h - 520 = 0.
That factors to (h+26)(h-20) = 0, which says h=20.
Using the top equation

2. (5/4)^-2 (3/2)^-1  = (4/5)^2 (2/3) = (16/25)(2/3) = 32/75.

3. On this one, note that anything to the zero power is 1,
so that's the answer.

4. Is that (x^2-5x+4)/(x-1)?  If so, note that x^2-5x+4 = (x-1)(x-4).
Dividing that by x-1 leaves x-4.

5. (16x^2-4x)/(4x) = 4x - 1.


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