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Algebra/Simultaneous linear equation with three unknowns


Solving simultaneous linear equation with three unknows is a damn knotty problem to me. Though, with the help of determinant, I can solve it effectively. But now, I don't wanna use determinants  anymore.  Thus, I've tried an alternative however to no avail.  Pls. Prof.  Treat me like a novice by solving the question below without using inverse matrix or determinants:

:( 3x+2y-z=19.........(1)


explain thoroughly how you solve it!

To solve each of them, I write down the problem in matrix format.
Once this has been done, I get a 1 in the 1st element of the 1st by dividing that row by 3.
I then get a zero in each cell below that by subtracting off the appropriate multiple of row 1.

For the 1st step, I divide row 1 by 3, subtract 4/3 for the 2nd row, and subtract 2/3 from the 3rd row.  I also do it to the solutions.  This gives
1   0.6667  -0.3333     6.3333
0  -3.6667   3.3333   -21.3333
0   2.6667  -4.3333    19.3333

In the next step, I multiply the 2nd row by -3/11.  This puts a 1 in the place of -3.6667.
I multiply the 2nd row by 1/11 and add that to the 1st row.  I multiply the 2nd row by 8/11 and add it the 3rd row.  This gives a zero in the second column.  The result is
1  0   0.2727  2.4545
0  1  -0.9091  5.8182
0  0  -1.9091  3.8182

To get a 1 in the 3rd position of the 3rd row, multiply that row by -11/21.
Add -10/21 of the 3rd row to the 2nd row.  Add -1/7 of the 3rd row to the 1st row.

The solution turns out to be 3, 4, -2.

This is how to do the 2nd problem as well.  


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