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Algebra/Metallic Business Card.


Dear Prof Scott

Is it possible to design and Construct a Metallic Business card?.

Examples - Aluminium, titanium etc


I'm sure its possible, but is it cheap enough to do?  Right now I believe that plastic ones are far cheaper.  Now with those thoughts, I searched on the web about "cards metal".

As can be seen here //
cases to hold cards are being manufactured out of metal.

Now even though almost everyone I know still gives out plastic cards, metal cards can be gotten.  This can be seen at

As can bee seen in the last ad, there are places to go to see a lot of stuff made out of metal.

To see even more on aluminum cards, I typed "cards aluminum" that in your search box.

As can be seen "" , playing cards are being made in stainless steel, copper, titanium, and brass.  From that, I'm sure that metal cards for your wallet are soon to follow.  


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