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Hi Scott

I've come across a problem whose on-site solution does not appear to be correct.

The topic is "finding the solution to the equation graphically".

The equation is 6(d+2)=4(d-3).
The site shows that the solution is 12.
I believe that 12 is the wrong answer. The correction answer is -12.

Please let me know the correct solution to this problem.



I'm not sure what the correct answer is by looking at the problem.
We need to multiply it out, put the elements with d on one side and
put the constants on the other.

Since 6*2 = 12 and 4*(-3) = -12, multiplying it out gives 6d + 12 = 4d - 12.
To put the d's on the left and the constants on the right, add -4d - 12 to both sides.
This gives 2d = -24.

The last step is to divide both sides by 2.
That gives d = -12.

Yes, it appears that you are correct.  Nowadays, you can probably get on the computer and send this answer to the books publisher to let them know that they have a minor typo in the book.

As I was growing up and studying in school, I noticed errors like that now and then.
It may seem like a lot, but to make every character in a book correct can be difficult.


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