Hello sir

Sir in algabric expressions i have 2 0r 3 a doubt regarding  types of expressions

My first doubt is----:

1) According to the defination of algebric expression How monomial algebraric expression can be a expression because it not contains any multiplicative operations like + and -.

My second doubt i----:

2)If qaudrinomial is called as polynomial then why we call bionomial algebric expression to qaudrinomaial as polynomials

Sir i have an another doubt but i stop my doubt till here ony.

My huble request to you that please explain me clearly and in easy and lucid manner please use easy and that sentances that are very clear . If you explaination is not clear than thousands of confusions will start please

An algebraic expression is called a monomial if it has only one term, such as -3x or 7xy/9.  Two terms are called a binomial and three terms trinomial.  Beyond that it's a polynomial. I've been doing algebra for seventy years and don't worry about the nomenclature.  


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