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Tony wrote at 2007-06-07 05:52:49
man these were the exact questions and thoughts I had myself thanks for writing this article out and answering the questions though many of my conclusions were infact the same as many of your answers its really cool knowing other people are thinkin the same as me. And I also would really really like to see a bio of layne just like charles cross did for cobain I would ABSOLUTLY LOVE TO SEE THAT and I have searched for books and I have only found 2 bio books on him obviously Anfry chair and the other is Get born again which I guess isnt a true bio. I have planned on writing the dam thing myself haha I would really like to see a nice bio on layne he is my HERO and I can relate to many of his lyrics especally in madseason

damian wrote at 2012-04-22 20:49:56
Through 100's of hours of browsing through all sources for both Layne and Demri I have concluded that the break up was because Layne was trying to get clean and Demri continued to use. I read that Layne actually payed for a very costly surgery to try to save Demri but it obviously didn't work. I truly believe that Mike Starr was there when Layne died and didn't do anything about it. It was very evedent to me when he told the story of the last time he ever saw Layne alive on celebrity rehab. I think Laynes body was too far gone to be saved anyway at the time of his death. His organs had all but shut down and it was just a matter of time. This man most certainly saved my life and I will always remember his haunting melodies...

Brooke wrote at 2013-04-03 17:47:44
Damian, I used to agree with you about Mike Starr being present when Layne died. It just seemed like he was way too hung up on it and guilty. I felt like there was more to the story. I guess we will truly never know...especially now that Mike Starr has passed on also.  The reason I am a little unsure of that conclusion now, is because I lost my best friend to an overdose since then and I was not present at his time of death, but him and I had not spoken in a bout a year when he died. I still to this day have extreme guilt and shame for him dying when we weren't speaking after a lifetime of friendship. I never had a chance to repair the friendship...So now I see Mike Starr's shame and guilt a little differently. He was not able to move on, and I feel that way a lot too.  

I also want to make a note to Carol that one part of your question was addressed in any of the answers...about Layne introducing Heroin to Demri.  I don't know if this is true or not, but from everything I have read over the years, I heard it was the opposite. I had heard it was Demri that introduced Layne to Heroin. And that she had been using long before she met Layne. Maybe not as severely as they did later on. But I read some quotes on-line that some of Layne's family or friends had felt that Demri was a bad influence on Layne and was upset with the relationship at times. My opinion is that any relationship where the partners use together is deadly, because they don't feel as alone....which in turn gives the two a much stronger bond. Which makes me think that the reason given about Layne trying to clean up and Demri not wanting to as a reason for break up was probably true. Otherwise why else was she running around and prostituting herself and stealing for the money for her drugs?  if Layne was still using with her, wouldn't he have just supported her habbit?  Just my opinion...and I based it on all the reading I have done over the years. But some of what I read may have been untrue. No way to know unless you were there.

Kutie wrote at 2016-03-14 22:04:24
Hi all i just wanted to anawer a couple things i know for sure from a personal friend of Demri's who used to stay with her n Layne. Firstly they had been together since about age 15 n 16 they were together right up untill 1994. She was in anotber relationship when she passed away Layne remained alone n stopped even leaving his appartment altoghter. He wouldnt answer his phone or door for weeks n soon turned into months on end. Layne left the relationship mostly due to her continuing to have an issue being faithful (and i hate to speak ill of the deceased but Demri was prostituting for heroin n thats what he couldnt take anymore) (although he did some cheating  himself while he was touring) but Demri was bringing people home to their bed it was a real issue in their relationship from the beginning as she was very open sexually and enjoyed being with other partners. They were engaged for 2 years since 1992.They hadnt really spoken for the last year b4 she died but he seemed to always think if they got clean theyd end up back together. Demris death is what put Layne in a severe downward spiral. Im not sure if theres anything else u wanted to know i could ask her if i dont know already. T.C hope this helps a bit

Laura wrote at 2016-08-02 22:41:50
Actually I heard that it was Demri who introduced Layne to herion. Whether true or not, they both should be alive today, with kids, & having fun as a family on this earth. God bless the both of them.

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