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Tesseract wrote at 2007-04-09 19:19:27
Actually, "Foolish" was not an AIC song. It was written and recorded by a band called "Thread."

AriKnight wrote at 2007-04-29 21:38:50
The following was taken from this web addy: %22Blood Tears Little Girl%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=13&gl=us

Another Tribute I Made For Layne Staley... The Song Is : Blood, Tears, Little Girl.  Here's some info found on a website.

"For those of you who are fans of 5 Alice in Chains demo songs that have shown up on bootlegs sometimes called Tasty White Powder, 1989 Demo Tape or Alice in Chains: Unchained Rarities, I have some news for you. The 5 demo tracks known as Distance Aside, Foolish, Blue, We've Come and Look were not written or recorded by Alice in Chains. These songs are from a demo tape released in 1993 by another Seattle band called Thread. By the way, I'm Scott and I was the co-founder and guitarist of Thread. We played the local Seattle music scene from 1993-1996. We reached a medium level of local popularity playing regular live shows around Seattle. We released a 5 song demo tape in 1993 and eventually 2 full length albums over the following two years. Early on we were big fans of Alice in Chains and our songs showed it, especially our first demo tape. We threw together the recordings for that tape using my 4-track and quite a lot of borrowed gear. It featured 5 songs from our live set called Distance Aside, The Fool, Aviary Garlands, What We Are and Look at Me. We used to dub copies of the tape ourselves and sell them at our shows for $5. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that for almost the last 10 years our 5 songs from that tape have been sold and traded as early AiC recordings. In March 2006 I received an email from John, who runs a long running AiC site, informing me of this misattribution. I did some web searches and was amazed to find just how far our little songs had traveled. It was surreal to find my guitar parts transcribed, our lyrics posted (albeit not accurately) and discussion board conversions about the tunes. It's flattering to know that our songs have been mistaken for a band like Alice in Chains, but I also feel that credit should be given where it's due. So to help set the record straight, I created this site. I do have digitally re-mastered versions of our recordings, including the demo tape (see our discography below). I'm curious to know how much interest there is in purchasing our recordings. Please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts."

Blood, tears little girl wasn't mentioned, so it could be Alice in Chains or it could be another band. It's a nice song either way, - even if it isn't genuine AIC.

Nick wrote at 2007-09-30 23:00:28
The songs Foolish, Blue, Distance Aside, We've Come, & Look are not A.I.C. songs. In fact, they are by another Seattle band called Thread. The Real songs names are The Fool, Aviary Garlands, Distance Aside, What We Are, & Look At Me.

Blood Tears Little Girl is still unknown. I wonder myself who its really by...and I'm 100% sure its not A.I.C., Mad Season, or Jerry Cantrell.

threadband wrote at 2013-01-07 06:16:54
Thread is now on Facebook! Goto:

thread wrote at 2013-02-13 19:00:58
thread info is also here:

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