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I would like to follow-up on a question posed several years ago:  Is there any way to obtain Vonda Shepard's version of the Harold Melvin song "Tell the World How I Feel About 'Cha, Baby" that was featured on Season 1 Episode 13?  I can't believe this high-quality production, featuring full horns and back-up vocals, is unavailable anywhere.  Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Rodney,

I'm sorry, but even when the show was still on air the vast majority of the musical numbers were not available, and the ones that were tended to be fan-posted clips of varying quality.  Since then the availability has, if anything, decreased as the various fan sites have been shut down.  There may be a chance somebody would post it on Youtube (I don't see it at the moment) but your best bet for anything outside the soundtracks at this point is probably to obtain a copy of the DVDs for the show.


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