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What is Solar dish? Is it feasible to generate electricity to meet residential needs through solar dish? Is solar dish available on market? Why there are few review about solar stirling plant? What is the cost of solar dish including installation expenses? Which company is leading producer of solar dish? Where can I find the user reviews of solar dish?

Hello Sendhil,
The solar dish technology I know of is only for commercial, large scale production.  I have never seen or heard of a residential system used to generate electricity.  I have seen solar dishes used as a solar ovens or some form of solar cooking.
Here is an article on a the commercial version of the solar dish.

The solar dish used for solar electricity is using the concentrated heat from the sun as the heat source for the hot side of a sterling engine.  The sterling engine is a motor used to turn a flywheel with the physics involved with heating and cooling of a gas or liquid/gas mix.

Here is an example the basic principle of the stirling engine:

The commercial applications use a much more sophisticated version of the engine like this one:

I did find a company in Arizona (I am in California) that uses solar dishes to heat pools and water for the home.

One of the biggest problems I found with the solar dish, when I used it for cooking, is that it has to be constantly adjusted to point at the sun to achive effective heating.  Here is the solar cooker I used at a Burning Man event in San Francisco.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.  You might try writing to Acro Solar Laser, they may be able to give you more in the way you are looking for.


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