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What is a good price per acre to lease my land to a solar farm. I live in CT. I've seen a lot of solar farms going up around Mass. and Conn. I have Almost 6 acres and I was thinking why not check into it to see if someone would be interested in leasing my land to do build a solar farm. I did find that one of the preferred requirements was to be not too far from the Electric  Grid and flat or slightly sloped land. Fortunately I have both of these requirements. I've tried to do some research on how much to ask and who to ask if they are interested in leasing my land, but the Internet can be very difficult finding the answers we want. I've spent numerous hours searching for an answer but can't find it. Also any other advice concerning solar farms and the companies, contracts, legal and what to look out for so that we don't get ripped off.  Thanks

Sorry, I have been out of town for the last couple weeks and forgot to tell Allexperts.
Anyway, this is a question I am asked about once very six months or so.  I have talked with a local company (San Francisco) and they basically told me it depends on the company, region and ideal landscape traits that the company is looking for.  Usually the less engineering and field study they have to do the better.  What specifically that entails has to do with local conditions and the companies interests.

The best I can advise is to talk with the persons who have had the large scale PV systems put on their property.  And in all cases with systems of these sizes, have your lawyer look over the contract.  Best of luck to you.  

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