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Hi Marshall
I am a chemical engineer in Iran and want to work on solar stills. I have two books in this field but each of them has few pages on this issue. I am looking for more sources. I am at the beginning of the way and have to raise my knowledge. Would you help me and recommend me what to do?Do you a person or company or something else that has worked on this title? I need others experience to avoid wasting time.
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Sorry my expertise is installing and servicing solar pool heating , solar electric and solar hot water for small scale commercial and residential homes.  My only experience with solar stills is the one my sons and I built in the my sons Boyscout Troop for outdoor survival.  I looked around the internet and I couldn't find anythng as a large scale system. I only found "one-man" small systems that you can buy. They would only be useful for one person and I suspect you are looking for something more robust.  

I did a six month walkabout in Australia about 15 years ago and I found that culturally they were much more involved in all manner of energy and resource alternatives.  I suspect if you focused your search in that area of the world you may be able to find what you are looking for.  Sorry I couldn't be much more help.


Alternative Energy (Solar/Wind)

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I am knowledgeable about residential solar pool heating, moderately knowledgeable about residential solar electric systems, and can resource answers in solar hot water and battery back up PV systems, but personally have little experience. I review questions when I get a chance During the PEAK SOLAR SEASON (May - September) , my replies will be delayed as I am usually working 60+ hours a week.


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BA in Psychology which has nothing to do with solar. Various trainings and presentations on solar and 8 years experience.

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