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Hi Sally!
Here is the background:
I used to suffer from irritable bowel, mostly bloating and nausea. I traced the cause to my 'low carb' diet. I wasnt losing weight (I am about 30 pounds overweight) but wasnt gaining.
After cutting out ALL fats,including red meats, I am starting to feel much better and am down a couple belt notches. I am taking fish oil capsules as I realise some healthy fat is important.
Question: Although I cant find much on this, I am beginning to suspect I may be deficient in lipase, which is why I had so much trouble with fats. This may be a genetic thing as my Dad and uncles all had the same problems. I always took digestive enzymes which helped, they had a little lipase, but I found some actual lipase only capsules. I just started on them and while not eating fat it will be hard to tell if they are effective.
There is a rare condition called lipoprotein lipase deficiency, which seems to mirror my symptoms. However I cant find much on lipase digestive enzyme deficiency. Are they the same? Do you think I am taking the right steps going low fat and taking extra lipase? Thanks so much!

Hi Bob - please forgive my delay in responding to your question - I was travelling last week and not on line.
I am really sorry to hear about your problems. And I'm really sorry that lipoprotein lipase deficiency is not within my professional capacity to assist you as I am a Psychotherapist.....I will contact all experts to make this clear as I'm really sorry that you have wasted your time in emailing me. I think you need an expert nutritionalist? And I do not know of one.
I wish you all the very best in your search for help and hope you successfully resolve this soon.

Take good care of you -Warmly


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