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how could i increase  my height

Dear Navneet

Thank you for your question.  As far as I understand, we are not able to 'increase' our height as this is determined by genetics.  We can however do things to be sure we do not 'stunt' our growth.

Through proper nutrition, exercise, supplements at times, and being aware of how we sit and stand in our posture would be a good way to use our height to the best possible way.  You may want to do some research on the internet on some exercises you can do (example, yoga) and stretching to be sure your posture is good.  

One of the diseases that affects our bones and our spines is osteoporosis.  Proper nutrition and supplementing of calcium and magnesium, protein, b-complex and getting the nutrition in the proper amounts is important to try and prevent this as we age.  Other things like smoking, sugar, diet drinks and things like this can be avoided to also help avoid health challenges.  

Hope this was helpful.  You can take a look at my website at to learn more about what supplementation can do for you or contact me at if you would like some help with this aspect.  

To your health,   Coach Suzanne Rose

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