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Hi I have been doing chakra meditation since last 6 months.My Reiki master told me that I am a good soul and indirectly told me that I may see Reiki symbols in my meditation.But till now I am not able to even meditate properly,forget about the symbols.My mind keeps deviating while meditating.
Please tell me that whats wrong with me and whats the solution so that I can meditate properly(seeing symbols in my meditation is not my aim).I have learned Degree 1 and 2.

One of the main reason of failure, is expectation.
As long as you start with expectation, you will get nowhere.
Let go, and let it be. Once you are able to really do that, everything will go fine, until next time, you want to achieve the same again. And you will fail again.
Unconditional surrender to yourself, and let complete go. Only a few very good people are really able to do on a regular base!
Good luck! And don't give up easy. Try for a life time or 100, to get it!
For me, it is the only purpose of my life!

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Eric is an expert on Sound Therapy and Reiki. Eric is also a photographer and musician. Sound Therapy is a form of alternative medicine: a natural way to remove energy blockages in your body, to open your natural gateways, for the free flow of universal life-force energy, to promote a better self healing and a better energy balancing in your body and your aura. To do this, Eric makes use of the secret power of Tibetan Singing Bowls and bells.


Eric is a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Therapist. Reiki and Sound is his love and interest. He always played music like any professional musician until he was attuned to Reiki. That attunement changed his perception and understanding of music, or rather of sound. He began to question what is Music, and what is Sound. In this questioning, a whole new universe opened up to him.

Graduate as Photographer.
27 years of experience as a professional musician.
Reiki Master/Teacher.
Sound Therapist and researcher on healing sound.

If you visit my home pages, you will find out that I'm disabled, but this didn't stop me from traveling for 27 years around the globe as a Busker or street musician.
Through this activity I came in contact with plenty people, and I learned a lot from them.

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