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How can I lower my cholesterol naturally and keep my blood glucose from spiking at the same time.  I weigh 106 pounds now - lost 7 pounds in the last few months on a diet.  My total cholesterol went from 272 to 219; triglycerides were 296 now it is 135.  CHOL/HDLC Ratio was 4.0 now it is 3.8 Non HDL Cholestrol was 203 - now 161 (and the test says that my HDL chol is now high, blood sugar spiked in the meantime.  I am a type 2 diabetic.  Is there any natural way to get all my numbers back to normal for my cholesterol and blood sugar?  A1C is 7.3 now.  I am also on blood pressure medication: Toprol 50 mg.  That is the only prescription medication I take at this time.  Sincerely, Jessica.

Hi Jessica

I just now noticed your question in the question pool. It seems to be a fairly simple answer, although I always recommend a face-to-face meeting with Holistic practitioner (in your case a holistic dietitian) who can get a really detailed history and do a truly   holistic consult with you. All we can do over the internet is give you some general purpose ideas that could apply to anyone. This isn't specific by any means.

Holistic health works with you as a lifestyle, mind and spirit, not just the physical side that you describe with these numbers. That is best evaluated in person, or with detailed questions that are too cumbersome for a q&a site like this.

The good news is the cholesterol...the HDL type is the "good" cholesterol  - you WANT that one to be as high in the normal range or even above. Exercise and the good, essential fats like omega-3s, omega-6s, and monounsaturated fats help support that.  Exercise can help keep the triglycerides down and protect the progress you've made there. As a general rule, cold water fish, olives and olive oil, flax seed and flax seed oil, avocados...those kinds of things are high in the good fats, low in the bad.

Fiber is another important factor for both cholesterol and blood sugar control. Soluble that in oatmeal...can trap bad fats in the gut and keep them from being absorbed. The non-soluble fiber keeps things moving through the digestive tract properly so waste can be removed properly, and help keep things in balance.

Fiber is found in the long-chain, slow burning kinds of carbs...yes, fruits, and veggies are carbs. That is where some people find the low-glycemic kinds of diets helpful. In any case you would want to stay away from processed starch, and sugars, and keep to whole grains, beans, veggies, etc.

The Toprol is a purely mainstream medicine should work with your doctor about that. Managing your stress, if any, can help manage your blood pressure, and blood sugar too. Stress releases hormones from the adrenal gland that can affect both sugar metabolism and blood pressure control...exercise, meditation, a happy spiritual life, getting social support, creative outlets...all of that can help.

Probably the best thing alternative medicine can do is give you a big "attagirl" ...keep up the good work! Relax, get some exercise, keep up with the whole grain, fiber, know the drill.  Of course, keep your medical doctor informed of any holistic health measures, vitamins, suppliments or anything you choose to use. And I'm sure you know not to change your medicine without checking with your doctor first. No matter what they think of alternative medicine, they need that kind of information to work with you safely. Believe it or not, there are doctors out there now that are open to alternative medicine and natural just might have to hunt a bit to find one.

I certainly wish you all the best.

Ronda Snow, Ph.D

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