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Dear Sir ,
I am 32 year old , unmarried Indian male , I am suffering from ED for last 6 months , almost nil erection and my details are as under. .
my medical test reports are as under.
Testosterone total serum current level is 304.29ng/dL  (range is 241- 827 ) it is done by direct chemiluminesense method and testosterone total free 7.09 pg/ml . My thyroid level is normal  , hemoglobin level is normal ,lipid profile show normal except serum trigylcerides at 190 , normal level is 40- 165 .   ultra sound of liver shows 2nd level fat. Rest all other test shows normalcy of hemoglobin , thyroid , KFT .
I am told by my doctor  that level of total testosterone is  low in me which could be the reason for ED. He prescribed me Injection Cernos Dept , Tab Ignitor ITDS , capsule Andust 2BQ. This prescription was given to me around 2 months ago . that time my Testosterone total serum was 277 ng/dL  . I get to know that those injection and medicines comes with a risk of ;
1 . body to stop producing testosterone in future and every time need for hormone replacement therapy.
2. risk of prostrate cancer in future increase manifold.
Due to those reasons , I pursued herbal medicine system  , my erection has not improved much say 5 % , but there is a very little change after 2 months.  now I am thinking what to do ?
I need your expert opinion on it .
Thanks and regards
Amit kumar.

Dear Amit:

Low testosterone often, but is not always, associated with erectile dysfunction. It may take several months of testosterone supplementation (injection or transdermal form) for erectile dysfunction to respond.  There is a risk of enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy) associated with testosterone supplementation.  There is also a small risk of prostate cancer in those who supplement with testosterone, but this risk is probably far less in those with clinically low testosterone levels such as yourself. In fact, a large body of scientific evidence also supports testosterone as an anti-aging hormone. Think about it! As we grow older we often lose mental function, gain weight, lose energy and have an increased risk of all disease; as all of this is happening hormones are declining. I am personally in favor of testosterone supplementation and believe that a man or women should keep their testosterone levels in the upper end of the testosterone free-testosterone range of a 40-year old range for people over 40 years old. For those younger than 40-yr old keeping testosterone levels in the upper end of the free-testosterone blood range for your age is probably best - unless you have prostate enlargement. In either case, free blood testosterone levels are the test to base these considerations on. Saliva free testosterone levels are expensive and are no more accurate than blood, free-testosterone levels (contrary to what many health care providers will tell you).  When taking testosterone one should measure total, free and percentage free testosterone levels, PSA (prostate specific antigen), estridiole, SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), a CBC (complete blood count) and a chemistry blood profile.

Consider also, for erectile dysfunction, having a nutritional interpretation of all of your blood work performed: for more information regarding this or a distance consultation with me, please go to:

Also consider the following nutrients:
Tribulus found at:
Vegetarian omega 3 smoothie found at:
Multivitamin/mineral complex found at:
Saw palmetto found at:
Milk thistle found at:

Hope that this information helps,
Dr. Michael Wald

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