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Alternative Medicine/herbal supplements: safe to mix?



I am not a big fan of pharmaceuticals so I have been researching alternative supplements. There is a variety of ailments I'd like to combat, including acne/skincare, weight management, haircare, and increased energy.

There seem to be plenty of holistic remedies out there, but how do I know which methods are safe to use together? And what about the dosage? Is it safe to base it all on trail and error or should I seek out a local practitioner?

I am currently interested in supplements including Burdock Root, Nettle Juice, Chromium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Jojoba oil and Spirulina. I realize that certain supplements may include multiple ingredients, so I am paying high attention to the nutritional label.

The more research I do, the list of potentially helpful herbs keeps growing! Please help!

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi Nicole, sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you over the holidays.  

I applaud you for taking the steps to use alternative methods including herbs to help with your ailments.  Like you stated, there is so much information available to us now but it is still a place of some challenges in which to use together and which may not be safe at all.  

I would like to make two points which I hope may be helpful for you.

One, because of this for my own family, I use Shaklee supplements which are peer review tested and the staff are available to us to help with questions like yours.  The ingredients are safe and effective and as far I have seen, it is safe to combine the ones they offer together.  However; some of the ones you mentioned, they are not available through Shaklee; but the ones they offer would be helpful for the issues you mentioned.  You can visit at  Stop by the website and check it out.  Also, I would be able to help recommend things for the issues you mentioned and you can email me personally at

If you want to explore the ones you mentioned, and particularly combine them, I would recommend you find a naturopath or a holistic doctor in your area you can trust.

Hope to hear from you and see if we can discuss some options to get you on the road to the health you would like to have in 2013.  I would be happy to have a consultation by phone with you (free of course, you would just pay for supplements).  

To a healthy Happy new year,  

Warmly,  Suzanne

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