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      i feel some time acidity  and when i feel it very high acidity then  take Omeprazole 20mg one capsule i feel relief means i take 2 capsule in a month today i have tested my blood my ALT level is  76 alkaline phosphate is 248 total bilirubin is 0.7 i need your advise how to control my alt as my hepatitis tests are negative and my weight is 77kg im worried so please advise me thanks

ANSWER: Hello Fazal
I hear your distress.  It's really important to look after your liver.
Omeprazole can have a detrimental effect on the liver, but I would not expect it from 1 capsule a couple of times a month - however, if your blood draw was done within 24 hours of a dose then this could be related.
It is important for you to understand that "Acidity" is not caused by a lack of Omeprazole.. so it is likely that you have something else going on.  

Your ALP level is also elevated - this can be due to bone breakdown or may indicate a liver blockage or dysfunction - the latter being the most likely in your case.

I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance - you really need to have a thorough work-up to eliminate other possible reasons your liver is under stress.

kind regards

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QUESTION: Sir If i have fatty liver then whats ur advice how to control it.through walk?or exercise beacuse i did not started walk or any exercise

Hello Fazal
If you have had a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease (usually from a scan or biopsy), then I suggest you get Dr Sandra Cabot's book titled Fatty Liver You can reverse It" you are not overweight it is important for you to follow a healthy, low fat, high vegetable and a low carbohydrate diet - the incorporation of green smoothies would be a good step (you will need a powerful blender such as the OmniBlender).  

Regular exercise (a minimum of 1 hour daily) should form part of a healthy lifestyle.

The inclusion of the herb Milk Thistle would be to your advantage as well.

All the best

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