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for the last few years i've been getting rash on my calves - they start as scattered goosebumps looking and are rather itchy. they are not related to shaving as i first thought and occur mostly in the winter (i live in so cal). they appear on the outer sides and backs of my both calves, i get itchy spells i have to scratch it, more at night, which just aggravates the condition. after scratching the pimples become red, hard and i feel hot sensation in the area. when squeezed liquid comes out. the only relief i found is applying ice pack.
i got one of my most severe case about a week ago and a couple of days after that also the skin around my anus started to itch badly which now is my worst misery. wonder if it's related.
it's even uncomfortable to sit at this point. again ice pack helps and also rubbing the rash with propolis tincture which burns afterwards for a bit(better than itch)but hasn't helped spreading the rash so far.
and yesterday i found which seems like a bartholin gland cyst on my perineum, pea sized. it's painless but now i think i really need help. i scheduled accupunture treatment and after my research i was gonna buy silica and sulphur homeopathy - all these seemed to help a lot of women. what is your advice?
i understand and believe disease start in the spiritual/emotional realm and are opportunities for us change.  I am 37 and i've dealt with quite some stress for while.  have been grieving due to marital issues which, thank god, i believe the major ones have been resolved. actually, lately we get along well and i don't feel anxious as before. i'd love to solve the cause so the symptoms don't show up again!
thank you so much for your time:)

Hi Lucie

Thank you so much for your question and for contacting me. I am really glad to hear from you - and sad to hear about your uncomfortable, to say the least, symptoms.
To be honest I would not know about silica sulphur - as I have not studied homeopathy. Sorry about that.
However I totally agree with you that the antecedents of most symptoms are located in emotional/spiritual realms.
My rigorous work of over 30 years (I've Loved every minute of it# is based on the philosophy of: The Symptom is the Solution it is searching for the problem
So I have a couple of ideas for you to begin with. As our emotional and spiritual realms are accessed thru' our unconscious mind - here are a couple of safe ways for you to communicate with your own unconscious AND equally important for your unconscious to communicate safely with you - where the problem is sourced. Which could be as you said - your recent stress - or 'stress' in your younger life?
So first- go to my website there is a free download of one my metaphorical stories which lasts for 20 minutes Play my story for a few days every day - maybe 10 days. After the first few minutes you can ignore my voice and say to your self: I want my unconscious mind to comfortably give me information to the cause of these symptoms. Make notes. Second - After 10 days or so of this - from the information you have keep gong with my story and say to yourself I want my unconscious to give me solutions to X Y #whatever you have been given by your unconscious will be the X & Y#My story takes you into safe trance which simply means you access deeper within your unconscious in a safe way. DO please get back to me if you have any questions - or get back to me in a couple of weeks with your progress - I'll be able to help further then.
Thinking of you warmly
Sally #sally stubbs#

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