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for the last few years i've been getting rash on my calves - they start as scattered goosebumps looking and are rather itchy. they are not related to shaving as i first thought and occur mostly in the winter (i live in so cal). they appear on the outer sides and backs of my both calves, i get itchy spells i have to scratch it, more at night, which just aggravates the condition. after scratching the pimples become red, hard and i feel hot sensation in the area. when squeezed liquid comes out. the only relief i found is applying ice pack.
i got one of my most severe case about a week ago and a couple of days after that also the skin around my anus started to itch badly which now is my worst misery. wonder if it's related.
it's even uncomfortable to sit at this point. again ice pack helps and also rubbing the rash with propolis tincture which burns afterwards for a bit(better than itch)but hasn't helped spreading the rash so far.
and yesterday i found which seems like a bartholin gland cyst on my perineum, pea sized. it's painless but now i think i really need help. i scheduled accupunture treatment and after my research i was gonna buy silica and sulphur homeopathy - all these seemed to help a lot of women. what is your advice?
i understand and believe disease start in the spiritual/emotional realm and are opportunities for us change.  I am 37 and i've dealt with quite some stress for while, have been grieving due to marital issues which, thank god, i believe the major ones have been resolved. actually, lately we get along well and i don't feel anxious as before. i'd love to solve the cause so the symptoms don't show up again!
thank you so much for your time!

Dear Lucie,
Our skin is our largest "excretory organ" and it sounds like you have some lymphatic issues.  Even though ice may temporarily relieve the problem, I'm going to suggest a very warm bath with equal parts salt and baking soda, like a cup of each in the water.  I don't diagnose, but if you are struggling with a weeping rash and possible cyst, it sounds like your lymphatic system could use a real work out and boost.  I would suggest the hot salt and soda bath to help draw the toxins and may alleviate some itching.  Stress is very hard on the immune system and I would suggest prayer for strengthening, as well as forgiveness for cleansing.  I don't know the marital issues, but so often we retain trust issues even in resolution and that could spiritually fall into the category of unforgiveness.  Search your spirit and make sure you've forgiven your spouse.  You said the major ones have been resolved.  There is a passage in Solomon's writings that tell us "it's the small foxes that spoil the vine."  My suggestion is there are some small "needling issues" that you can simply let go of, if you recognize them and the larger ones are resolved.
I truly hope you are feeling better soon.  I prayed for you as I wrote this.  I'm going to include our healing service webpage.  
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

P.S.  If the salt and soda seems too strong [too drying or burning] for the amount of water, you can reduce the amounts but keep them in equal portions.

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