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Dear Dr Metha. My name is Elbert Vaughn. I am a type 2 diabetic. I treat my diabetes with herbal medicine. I am against drugs or insulin. My a1c has been normal every since I have been diagnosed with diabetes(have been diabetic for only 4 years), yet have serious complications(neuropathy, foot ulcers/eye problems). My doctors cannot understand why I am having all of these serious complications but still have normal a1cs. The herbal medicine that I use is called ojamin(it is from India. you can googled it). I don't know what to do, because my complications are steady progressing, even though my sugars are normal(fasting, not after I eat). To my dismay, I am thinking about taking drugs(metformin) or insulin. The only think that can be responsible for my complicaions is the high sugar spikes after I eat, but my doctors disagree, because the a1c is a average of your blood sugars for 3 months, and they say I should not have these serious complications.  So my thinking is to try to stop my sugars from going so high after I eat. I have become knowlegable about Neem. I man that I met on the internet will give it to me for free. He has told me that it is a miracle plant and will help with my diabetes. I believe him, but I want to hear from as many people who are educated about neem as possible, because if my complications keep progressing like they are,  I may not be here in the next 5 to 8 years. Dr Mehta, If you would be so kind, could you tell me in your opinion what the neem herb can do for diabetics? What have you heard? What can I expect if treating myself with Neem? Will it stop sugar spikes after you eat(If you know). Any advice or opinion about the neem plant, in terms of its efficacy as it has to do with diabetics, I really would appreciate your advice/opinion about the neem plant. Thank you. Elbert Vaughn

Dear Elbert,

One thing is sure, which everybody ( you, doctors, etc..) agrees that high sugar spikes are there after meals, right ? It clearly means that your cells are deprived of energy and the blood sugar remains high.

A1C shall naturally be not alarming as your Sugar goes down before meals and intermittently and hence due to sugar spikes after meals the average is normally, naturally.

With your cells deprived of energy, their functions are impaired and they do not work towards development , smooth functioning, repairing, fighting off diseases,etc..and any new dieases shall have great time in your body...when you are diabetic. So take prompt action.

Hence my urgent advice is do not rely on hearsay, articles, etc..rather that you get yourself checked / diagnosed by Naturopath / Ayurvedic / Homeopathy Registered practitioner in USA / UK or wherever you reside. If you have enough finance, get yourself admitted to a Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala, India.

Look carefully to your lifestyle and make necessary changes to stop aggravating conditions which shall make your efforts and money go waste.

All the best of the Health !


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