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QUESTION: dear michael,
about 2 weeks ago i started to develop a rash on my calves and on my buttocks which spread to my mid back. it was terribly itchy& occassionaly burning and it seemed to have the symptoms of yeast infection.

i went to see a naturopath this week who doesn't think it's yeast causing the rash but my body trying to get rid of things. i was wondering if there is a way to tell if it is/isn't the yeast infection? (wish it isn't!) i need to know if i need to keep the strict diet i've been on.

i am 37, thin but like my carbs and pastries. i have had athleete's foot on and off for a while and my first 2 vaginal yeast infections in the last 4 y.  i have dealt with some stress in my relationship about a year ago - can the body still try to heal itself this way?
thank you so much for your time!

ANSWER: Hello Ester:

Skin "rashes" can have many, many causes as you can imagine. It is a stretch to call this yeast unless you have a dermatologist scrape it and examine it under the microscope. The fact that you had those other yeast infections in the past may be unrelated.  Your lab work should be examined for high blood sugar or diabetes as this condition frequently results in repeat infections of different types.  If it is yeast related it might respond to the removal of sugar, refined and processed carbohydrates, white flour and even gluten from the diet.  If you presented to me I would develop a testing and treatment plan based on your health history and your symptoms. But, I would certainly include in my work-up:

candida antibodies
peripheral blood smear (darkfield examination under microscope)
HgA1c (glycosylated HG)

Your rash could be from a medication (adverse reaction), it may be viral, allergic, fungal or even bacterial.

Food allergy testing may be appropriate
A trial of gluten removal
Removal of refined, processed white flour and other carbohydrates

Hope this helps,
Dr. MIchael Wald

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you so much for your answer, michael.
where can i get these tests done and how much can i expect to pay roughly?

Your health insurance, if you have some, covers all of these tests. Simply request them from your doctor. Sometimes doctors give resistance so do not be surprised if this happens. Stick to your "guns" and get these tests. Keep in mind that other tests might be necessary. You need a thorough intake.  You might also try the following nutritional supplements from including:

B12 Liquid - helps a healing process of the skin known as methylation
Aminos Complete - damaged or inflamed skin wastes the bodies protein stores - amino acids are the building blocks of proteins
Candida Complex - fungal infections can cause or have various skin conditions persist
Glutamine Powder - glutamine helps repair the intestinal lining; "leaky gut syndrome" often accompanies skin problems
Recolonize - this is one of the most potent healthy bacterial supplements on the market (they are not all the same): one packet supplies 220 billion organisms to help reestablish healthy intestinal flora, reduce inflammation, heal a leaky gut and skin
Vegetarian Omega 3 Smoothie - clean sources of omega 3 fatty acids are required by the body to reduce inflammation and for many other healthful functions in the body.

Hope this all helps,
Dr. Michael Wald

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