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dear tonja,
about 2 weeks ago i started to develop a rash on my calves and on my buttocks which spread to my mid back. it was terribly itchy& occassionaly burning and it seemed to have the symptoms of yeast infection. now it seems to be drying and i am shedding the old skin. it still get itchy but less (thank god).

i went to see a naturopath this week who doesn't think it's yeast causing the rash but my body trying to get rid of things. i was wondering if there is a way to tell if it is/isn't the yeast infection? (wish it isn't!) i need to know if i need to keep the strict diet i've been on.

i am 37, thin but like my carbs and pastries. i have had athleete's foot on and off for a while and my first 2 vaginal yeast infections in the last 4 y.  i have dealt with quite some stress&grief in my relationship about a year ago - can the body still try to heal itself this way?
thank you so much for your time!

Hello Esther,

It is my understanding that a rash is the body's way of trying to get rid of something. We have 4 chanels of elimination. The main two are colon/kidneys. If the body does not eliminate through these well the skin/respiratory system will help with this elimination.

Can it be candida? Good questions. I believe you can go to a dermotologist and have them scrape it and look under a microscope to see.

The adrenals also back up the skin. If the adrenals are stressed this can also promote a rash.  

If you feel it is the adrenals, I specalize in this area and do offer phone consults as well.

You can contact me at
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