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 I have a large knot on the back of my left wrist.  I think I've had it for at least a few years.  A few years ago, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon, regarding another problem, and mentioned my wrist, as well.  It was x-rayed, and the doctor told me that I had sprained it at sometime in the past.  Although I don't recall anything having been said about it at the time; I am wondering if I might have developed a calcium deposit at the joint, as a result of the sprain.  Since I didn't know that I had sprained my wrist, I didn't do anything to treat it accordingly; likely continuing to use it.  The Orthopedic Surgeon diagnosed me as having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands, also affecting my left elbow, and performed surgery on all three areas.  I very much want to get rid of the knot, whatever it is, but I'd much prefer to avoid the use, and risks, of drugs and surgery.  I've read of drinking a tonic of two tablespoons each of raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar with "the mother", and raw, unfiltered, unheated, honey; mixed into one cup of purified cold water, to desolve calcium deposits.  One of the other experts at, Imran R., not currently available, had suggested to another person that she apply brown paper, soaked with apple cider vinegar to the area where she had a calcium deposit. I don't know what the specific purpose of using brown paper would be.  I would think that sterile gauze, or some other form of cotton would hold more of the vinegar than the paper would hold.  The knot on my wrist doesn't look at all like any of the photographs of Ganglion Cysts that I've seen.  Most of the time, I experience no pain or discomfort, but occasionally, it hurts enough that I say, "Ouch", when I move bend or turn it.  If it were only the occasional pain, I'd be willing to live with it.  My main problem with the knot in my wrist, is that it interferes with my being able to bend my wrist back far enough to perform push-ups and similar movements.  I checked on making an appointment with the doctor, but our current financial condition is not good, I currently have no insurance, and would have to pay a minimum of one hundred dollars for the appointment.  I don't expect you to commit yourself to making a definite diagnosis, but I would appreciate your expert opinion; if you're willing.  I am willing to try to send a photograph, if you think it might help.  

Thank you very much for your time, and any help you can offer.  

Gary Skinner

ANSWER: Can you please send me a picture of the growth? Given what you have said, I need to see this.

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Left Hand with Lump 1
Left Hand with Lump 1  

Left Hand with Lump 2
Left Hand with Lump 2  

I've uploaded two photographs, showing my left wrist and hand, that I hope show the lump clearly enough.  I have a third image that I can send, if you want, but I'll have to send it with another reply; as I seem to be limited to attaching two image files to this post.  

Thank you for your help.  

Gary Skinner

Hello Gary: That is a very large "growth" that you have for sure. Here is the will not resolve this with any natural treatments no matter what you might hear or read. If you doubt me, you can certainly try whatever you like to resolve this "naturally", but I would suggest giving you self a set time period to try. For example, try natural therapies for 6 months and if this growth is not resolving to some extent consider a medical option.

This growth could have been precipitated from a prior injury; then the body builds up connective/scar tissue in the area and it becomes to abundant of a compensation (it got large).  

If it is a ganglion cyst then it would feel spongy and would be sore sometimes but not always. It can be giving that these sorts of cysts show up over tendonous junctions in the body. The old medical treatment for ganglion cysts would be to whack it with a heavy book (I'm not suggesting that you try this at home!!).

If it were a calcium deposit, then either a sonogram of the growth or standard x-ray of your hand would quickly show this. However, any growth can have calcium deposits in it. However, if there is calcium in it it brings up the possibility that this growth is just part of another health problem that may not be obvious. There are several autommune disease characterized by growth of different types. A visit to the rheumatologist would help to clarify this point and perhaps other specialists.

This is not "carpal tunnel syndrome" because this condition, by definition, must involve compression of the median nerve in the wrist. This growth could be creating indirect pressure on your median nerve, but calling it carpal tunnel syndrome does not change the treatment options in any way.

I cannot tell you what to do but if this is an isolated physical problem I would consider having it surgically removed.

Hope that this helps,
Dr. Michael Wald

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