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QUESTION: I am in a bit of a panic after my annual blood draw at our local health fair. I am a 59 yr old female, 5' 2" 110lbs vegetarian, not a vegan but I do not eat anything that has a face or had a mother! So no fish or poultry.
My LDL has risen from 92 in 2012 to 152, HDL was 117 in 2012 and now 107, Triglycerides 134 in 2012 now 159, VLDL 27 in 2012 now 32.Total cholesterol 291 !! I lowered my blood glucose from 101 to 88. TSH was 5.14 now 4.66. I am also concerned because my calcium was 9.5 and is now 10.3. The rest of the results were within 'normal' range.

I walk my dog 45-60mins every day, much longer at the weekends and most days there is some steep hill climbing ( I live in the Rockies) we have a small home gym and I do weight resistance workout 3 or 4 times a week. I eat a fairly high fiber diet and have cut back on cheese, only 1 or 2 eggs a week, I am very conscious of what I eat. I stopped taking Premarin last November after 13 years. I have GERD for which I take Omeprazole 40mg in the am. I also take a multivitamin, calcium citrate, magnesium, milk thistle, chromium polynicotinate, biotin and omega 3 6 9.
I am concerned that if I show these results to my doctor he will want to put me on a Statin, this is not what I want, but of course it may have to be a last resort.I am wondering why my numbers have gone so high so quickly when I have been eating healthy and exercise, do you think there are other tests that need to be done, thyroid and the elevated Calcium.  I have done some research (like we do when we have computers!) and it seems there have been some positive results with Phytosterols lowering ldl. Do you feel this is worth trying I would really like to go the 'alternative' route to getting these numbers back where they should be. Any advise or guidance would be gratefully received.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Wendy:

Well, look like you have hypothyroidism. I do not know whether it is the form called Hashimoto's (involving the immune system) or just plain hypothyroid. Either case, internists and endocrinologists like giving Synthroid for this. Your TSH is not so high that a carefully designed nutritional and lifestyle program might fix it, but not with everyone.  Low thyroid can be a cause of hyperlipidemias (like yours). Also, your triglycerides are elevated and sometimes this may indicate a sugar problem. Consider getting a test called HgA1c which measures your blood sugar over several weeks (from a single blood draw...and it is a non-fasting test). I am assuming that your lipids tests were all fasting (otherwise perform them again).

If you have blood pressure over 120/80 and if your HgA1c is 5.7 percent or higher, you might have a condition called metabolic syndrome and it can cause many of your symptoms and lab findings.

Yes, you are right. Your doctor will recommend a statin. If you take a statin you should also consider taking: coq10, betacarotene, fish oil and vitamin D as these nutrients are affected by statins.

Yes phytosterols are worth a try, but without a lifestyle and diet and nutritional supplements BASED UPON YOUR NEEDS it may not work. Vigorous exercise is necessary (45-60 minutes , 3-5 x/week at 70-75% of your heart rate maximum (with approval from your doctor) can do the trick.

I always based my recommendations not upon whether or not it seems that the person is eating well. Eating well is a misnomer because if you do not know your nutritional needs how can you (or anyone be eating and absorbing) what they need.

I do hope that this is useful for you.

Dr. Michael Wald, DC, MD
Blood Detective

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QUESTION: Thank you for your knowledgeable reply, maybe I should get a T3 and T4 done also? I do not know my A1c but will get that tested for a better view of the glucose level.

Hello Wendy:
Sure you should have a complete thyroid panel including free T3, total T4, free T4, T3 uptake and thyroid antibodies.

You should consider a nutritional interpretation of your blood work. You seem to be doing the "right things", but right is unique for each person. Clearly you need to be doing something more and/or differently than you are currently doing.

Please consult my website at: and consider becoming a distance patient.

Hope that this helps,
Dr. MIchael Wald, DC, MD
Blood Detective  

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