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dear michael,
my holistic dentist recommended me to take calcium supplement to strengthen my teeth after gum disease. after some research i decided to take the calcium in a form of ground organic egg shells.
now after couple of weeks i began to wonder if it's a good idea - as i remembered my gall issue (5 y. ago i had a gallbladder attack and was diagnosed with a gallstone. fortunately it hasn't bothered me for a while).  my concern is that i remember reading that gallstones might be caused by mineral deposits.
please advice: can i remineralize my teeth without enlarging my gallstone?
thank you very much.

Hello Ester:

To be blunt, the suggestion to take calcium to strengthen your teeth is only partially true (and only potentially so). Sure, your teeth are made partially of calcium and calcium is thus required to build them. However, studies have shown that calcium deficiency is not nearly as common as was once thought (and never proven by the way). In fact, too much calcium may be a bigger problem as these days calcium can be found in everything from milk to toothpaste. Too much calcium in the diet triggers certain hormonal feedback mechanisms in the body to cause the loss of calcium from bone and sometimes increases its excretion from the body. Excessive calcium in the diet can cause dyscalcemia (an abnormal state of calcium balance) and can increase one's risk of breast cancer (by increasing the deposit of calcium in the breast tissues), hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis and even arthritis (calcium deposits in joint spaces and the soft tissue surrounding joints).  Having said this, first let me say that coral calcium is almost entirely hype.  If I had to choose one form of calcium (and I do not really want to), it would be calcium citrate. For non-vegetarians I think that bone meal is far superior as it contains tens of thousands of compounds that are required to use calcium. However, one must have normal stomach acid to even activate the calcium from foods or nutritional supplements so that it can make it's way where it is needed (i.e., the bones and teeth).  The question is a very difficult one to provide a short answer to because additional factors such as hormone levels, the acidity of the diet, stress levels, even sleep can and do affect calcium use in the body.  In short then consider the following for healthy teeth:

Adequate vegetarian sources of protein (but not soy or GMO sources)
Lots of fruits and vegetables
Folic acid (a B-vitamin)
Vitamin D3 (take enough with supervision from a trained health care provider such that your blood levels reach 75 mg/dL)

There is lots more to say, but I hope this is a helpful start.

Thank you,
Dr. Michael Wald, DC, MD
(Blood Detective)

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