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My current dermatologist has been treating my Lichen Planopilaris of the scalp for a few years now but it seems worse than ever now.  Do you have any suggestions on a treatment that may help?  I've tried Planquenil, C-Quinacrine, antibiotics, clobetasol topical, and for past month or so, have been on Cellcept.  I'm getting very desperate as I'm permanently losing hair still (and now it seems to be almost daily).  
Also (if you happen to know of a Dr., or know where I can search to find a Dr.) I'm thinking maybe I need a specialist in that particular disease (if appropriate, doesn't even have to be a dermatologist).  I am looking for a new dr. who, preferably, specializes in lichen planopilaris, in either Detroit area (I'll be here for the next few months) or in Chattanooga, TN area (I'll be moving there in January).    Thank you.

Hi Rob,,
Discuss with your dermatologist treatment with UV light and psoralens, or treatment with acitretin. These are usually used  to treat psoriasis resistant to other treatments and may also be used to treat lichen planus.
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