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Hi there,
I have been taking Chelated magneisum recently for some neck pain and Jaw pain that I am having, and to help ease bruxism while sleeping, but I fear I am taking too much. The directions on the box say 1 tablet morning and night, or 3 tablets morning and night for migraine treatment. I wanted it to help as much as possible so I took 3 tablets at night usually and 1 or none in the morning. However it has come to my attention that the recommended magnesium intake is only 420mg of magnesium, and just one tablet of this chelated magnesium is 500mg, meaning i was taking 1500-2000mg per day.

If i stop now, or reduce my intake to just one tablet, am I likely to see any adverse side effects? Am I likely to have already done damage to my body?


Hello Shane,
Magnesium is the hardest mineral to hang on to. As a rule Americans are 7x more deficient in magnesium than calcium. The amount on the box is often the maintenance amount. If you are referring to the RDA amount as herbalist we call that the Really Dumb Amount as that is to keep you from getting the worst of the diseases.
I personally daily take magnesium to bowel tolerance. If the bowels are not loose then I am OK. I suggest backing off if the bowels are too loose. You are thinking of a mineral like a drug.

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