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hello,my wife is 69 years old and her colesteral level is 234 and b bad  colesteral 156.the brilliant western doctors gave her Lipitor and it brought down colesteral and also severe leg cramps.i also heard Lipitor is bad for liveris there any homeopathic medicines that are proven to bring doen colesteral

Hello Howard,
Unfortunaly Lipitor has that side effect. Be sure to get her on Co Q 10 50 from Nature's Sunshine. As statins deplete your C Q 10.
Optimal cholesterol levels were 225 when statins came out so you must consider if that is a bad level.
Here are reasons LDL can be high.
Balancing High LDL and Low HDL – Usually a sign of pesticide exposure.
1. Constipation
2. Lack of exercise
3. Diet is high in sugar and simple carbohydrates
3. Low quality fats – Flax seed oil, Super Omega-3
4. Cleanse the liver – Enviro-Detox or Liver Balancer
5. Not enough fiberFiber is essential – Fat Grabbers

Cholesterol Balancing
1.Remove toxins from the body and the environment
2. Detoxify the body - Enviro-Detox, Milk Thistle combination or Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Burdock, Yellow Dock
3. Increase antioxidants to prevent inflammation and coronary heart disease. - Thai-Go - 6-7 fruits and vegetables a day for antioxidants
4. Increase your good fats like Super Omega 3, Olive Oil, Flax seed, Fish from the ocean.
5. Don’t eat overcooked foods
6. Eat low glycemic carbohydrates like non-starchy vegetables such as zucchini and broccoli.

Lowering High Cholesterol
1. This is a sign of an inflammatory response in the body and oxidative stress due to the presence of fat soluble toxins and heavy metals.
2. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol and absorbs the bile salts released by the gallbladder and carries them out of the body. Fat Grabbers, LOCLO or Natures’ Three are good choices.
3. Eat good fats like Flax, Omega 3, and olive oil. Always remember the primary use for cholesterol is to make bile to digest fats.
4. Ho Shou Wu and Guggul Lipids are very effective in helping to reduce high cholesterol levels when combined with dietary fibers.
Guggul lowers LDL and raises HDL. Guggul lowers triglycerides and decrease the stickiness of blood platelets and improves thyroid function.
5. Always check thyroid levels. Chlorine reduces iodine levels in the body. Increase herbs which feed the thyroid like TSII, Thyroid Activator, Black Walnut or Dulse.
6. Fatty congestion in the liver can cause cholesterol to be high. Chickweed and SF reduces fatty congestion in the liver.
7. A lack of bile production and secretion from the gallbladder can also create problems with high cholesterol. Herbs which help here are Chinese Liver Balancer and Gallbladder Formula.
8. Reduced function of the hypothalamus and pituitary can be another factor. Using Master Gland and Super Algae to strengthen the pituitary can be very important.

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