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I am 52 and just recently experienced menstrual cessation (within the past 6 months approx.) and am now consistently experiencing sleeplessness, lowered libido (and dryness); no hotflashes.  My GP prescribed low dose, natural estrogen and progesterone (to hopefully be taken on a short term basis (try and take me off in a year and see if symptoms have waned)).

I have not taken the hormones yet, because of all the negative information out there about HRT.  I am concerned about getting breast cancer and about the hormones affecting my overall health.  I am in good health otherwise (excluding this hormonal issue).  I exercise regulary and eat healthy (organic).

I have tried a few natural sleep aids (including melatonin, valerian root and chamomile tea) that have really not helped much and don't address my other symptoms.

I've already turned in my prescription for the hormones and will be picking them up tomorrow.  In the meamtime, I was wondering about the effectiveness and safety of using black cohosh.  I have read studies that are not conclusive and there doesn't seem to be any data on long term use.  

Do you have any personal experience or knowledge about the efficacy of using black cohosh for the symptoms I am talking about? Trying to make a decision of which route to take.  

I appreciate your help.

Hi Celia,
Black cohosh is useful in reducing hot flashes. I have not heard of it being useful in managing sleeplessness associated with menopause. Have you tried CalmsForte. It is a homeopathic formula I recommend as I have seen it been beneficial.
Thank you for using Allexperts.
Eric Brandt, B.Sc. Pharm

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