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My son turned 2 in Sept.  He is in daycare.  He keeps having repeated respiratory problems.  It starts with excessive mucus that runs down his throat because he cannot blow his nose.  I Vicks him at night and run Eucalyptus in the room.  This is helpful.  However, in Jan it developed into a cough and then hoarseness.  When he woke up from his nap one day, he just went downhill really quick.  His breathing became very rapid and somewhat labored and he was having a hard time talking because he couldn't get his breath.  The doctors office measure his oxygen level at 82 and breaths per minute were in the 60's and 70's.  He ended up hospitalized with pneumonia.  They cultured him in the hospital for RSV and he tested positive.  After 2 nights in the hospital, steroids, oxygen and breathing treatments, he finally pulled out of the nightmare.  He stayed home with his grandmother the following week to recuperate.  He went back to daycare the next week and after 3 days, started all over again.  We started breathing txs immediately which helped stop it from progressing.  He stayed out of daycare 5 more days.  He has been back for 5 days now and I noticed this morning he is beginning to sound like he is "snotting up" again.  The Dr mentioned he might have asthma.  I don't know what to do but I can't stand to see him keep suffering.  I need to get him help so the poor thing can live a normal childhood.  This has been awful for him!!  Thanking you in advance!

Hello Lisa,

So sorry it has taken me so long to answer. I have been out of the office and neglected to log off all experts.

For the mucus I would suggest a liquid herbal called ALJ which can aid in keeping the mucus expelled from the head/lung.

Then I would start nourishing his immune system with Children's Probiotic Power. Any time someone has been on a anti-biotic it wipes out the good flora in the immune system. Seventy percent of your immune system is in the colon and it must be replenished with probiotics.

I would also do a antioxidant. I suggest liquid Thai Go. Taste good and great for the immune system.

Before your child goes to daycare I would do two things.
Put a dab of silver gel on the hands and in the nostrils.
Spritz on the bottom of the feet Guardian mixed in silver.

Concerning asthma these are the therapies you should consider.
1. Stay hydrated
2. Use antioxidants as mentioned above
3. Make sure the colon is moving by using probiotics. The colon/adrenals back up the respiratory system. If the nose is running the colon is NOT.
4. Keep stress to a minimum
5. Lots of GOOD fats
6. Avoid Zenoestrogens.

Use ALJ for mucus and congestion and liquid licorice root to strengthen the adrenals.

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To Your Health,

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