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i got a question about kidney tests for people over 75 that will keep you hopping.the medical literature today say people over 75 should  get serum creatinine based gfr   estimates.many publications included top   kidney expertssay men over 75 should not take  serumcreaTININE GFR BECAUSE LOSS OF MASS MAKES GFR EQUATIONS INACCURATE and  many men with aging kidneys are told they have kidney desease when its  agingstudies suggest vmen over 75 should not get gfr testaecause studies have showed cystatin c is more accurate.please check it out and dont send me this is not my erxpertise as you suggested you are detective.many doctors give elderly serum based gfr bwhich are worthless and give them  needless  tests and diagnois    which is wrong the only medicine they say slows down kidney progress ic ace and beta blockers lisinopril and enalopril

Hello Earl:

The kidney's are one of the bodies detoxification organs. Also responsible for acid-base electrolyte and fluid balance in the body, the kidney function tends to decline with "normal" aging. However, traditional medical thinking is that as we age it is appropriate for an individual to have reduced kidney function; commonly determined on blood as serum creatinine and via a calculation called creatinine clearance of the urine. In short, once the blood tends to show even the slightest hint of serum creatinine elevation the individual has lost 30 % or more of their kidney function. When a doctor looks at the serum creatinine he/she expects elevations with age. We also expect increased disease with age; therefore, I always strive to keep my patient's kidney function within that of a healthy 40 year old.  Serum creatinine and cyastin C, the other kidney (renal) biomarker that you mentioned, are important for judging biological (as opposed to chronological age) of the individual.  Almost no urologist (kidney doctor) will measure Cyastin C because knowing the result does not change their minds regarding traditional medical treatments. There is much to do naturally to improve kidney function; improvements can be measured with improvements in elevated levels of the two kidney biomarkers serum creatinine and cyastin C.  Importantly, one should never treat "just the kidneys" but the entirety of the person. I run over 100 other tests along with kidney biomarkers to help improve kidney/renal function.

All kidney degeneration involves oxidate stress so the following antioxidants may be valuable. Consider the following nutritional supplements found at: - Longevity Complete

Kidney function can be compromised by cardiovascular disease and hypertension.  Consider the following nutritional supplements found at: - Chelated Magnesium, Vegetarian Omega 3 Smoothie, Reds Protect

Kidney function can be compromised by heavy metal toxicity.  Consider the following nutritional supplements found at: - DetoX, Greens Detox, REduced Glutathione and NAC.

IMPORTANT: truly deficiency kidney function is known as renal failure and their are essentially two types of renal failure - acute and chronic. Both forms may be improved depending upon the cause(s) and the individual and other factors. In either one, magnesium supplementation must be used with caution as reduced kidney function can cause magnesium toxicity due to failure of it's elimination through the urine.

I do hope that this information is helpful to you.

Dr. Michael Wald - Blood Detective

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