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I'm 22 years old male with Lymphogranulomatosis maligna LGM, ang. Hodgkin's disease  CSIVB. What would you recommend for alternative cancer treatment. I was looking into Gerson's therapy. Is there something more appropriate?

Hello Urszula:

I am sorry that you are going through these health issues.  Here is my response:

I am not an overwhelming fan of the Gerson Therapy. Although I strongly believe that green leafy juices should be incorporated (to a large extent) into the diet of most people with cancer, the program itself has many faults - too many to go into here.  There are many claimed natural cancer treatments out there but sadly, from my 23 years of experience in this area, most fall far too short.

Nutrition does play a big role in cancer care. It would be most beneficial for you I believe for you to visit with a naturally-oriented physician that that he or she can nutritionally work you up and put together an individualized healing plan. If you are also choosing standard cancer care it is important that no negative interactions (with nutrition) are managed by an experienced health care provider.

I would suggest that you seriously look into intravenous vitamin C (IVC) (also go to and into the Q and A section for the topic of IVC.

Again, there are literally thousands of nutritional items that might be of benefit to you for reducing your risk of infection and malnutrition that often results from cancer and cancer care. You should visit with a speciallist in the area of nutritional management for cancer.

I do hope that this helps,
Dr. Michael Wald, Blood Detective

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