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I am hoping you can help. I am a 22 year old female with terrible, terrible cystic acne. It's making me miserable, my acne has gotten so bad. Anyway, I've been to several dermatologists and they prescribe me antibiotics and creams and gels but I do not want that, I don't like putting chemicals like that into my body, and they don't even work! I would love a natural solution! I don't want to put any more chemicals on my face or in my body, so something herbal would be great. Ive used witch hazel and it did not show any improvement. Would the neem tree work???
I am a vegetarian and very healthy eater, so I know my diet is not a factor.
I barely use makeup, so that's not a factor either. I'm not on birth control and never was. I've tried various face washes and spot treatments. They all work for a couple days, then I get more and more cysts on my chin (most common) and usually one on my forehead.
It's the most frustrating thing!!!!
I've been trying an antibacterial facial cleanser developed by a dermatologist and this was working for a couple weeks, but now the cysts are back. I don't think this is a bacteria, it's probably hormonal, but what do I do???? Do you have any advice? Natural solutions? Suggestions? Neem tree?
Thank you so much.

Neem Leaf Powder, Neem Leaf Extracts work excellently on Acne Vulgaris which causes Acne.

1. Clean your face with soap which removes Oil and Dirt, as these ones cause the atmosphere where Acne breeds. Do not apply moisturizers regularly.

2. Eat less Oily food, to prevent increase of Oil in your system.

3. Eat Neem Leaf Powder 5 - 10 Grams a day max, regularly to clean / detoxify your blood and regulate hormones inside your body. Take less if you are Diabetic as Neem also reduces sugar and cholestrol.

4. Apply Neem Leaf Powder, if possible with Rose water on your face twice in 1 day. Keep for not more than 10 - 15 mins. Do not wait for the pack to dry and fall off. Do this regularly for 1 week.

I am sure doing all the above shall definately result in improvement and elimination of the acne.

Application of Wheatgerm oil as carrier oil and Lavender Essential Oil as active oil shall remove the scars ( left by ACNE if any )or considerably reduce it.

Take Advice of your Registered Naturopath  OR Doctor before doing any / all of the above.

All the best !

Milan Mehta, INDIA.

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