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QUESTION: I have been reading about symptoms of hair loss. One suggestion I saw was to use 1c warm water mixed with 1 tbls. baking soda to wash the hair. Use 1 cup warm water with 1 tbls. organic apple cider vinegar to rinse hair.  Do not use any commercial shampoo or conditioner. I tried the alternative suggestion and I have a tangled oily mess. I have had blood work done by my dermatologist and everything checks out okay. I've seen the list on all the items to avoid such as sugar substitutes and microwave heating etc. So I am aware of those suggestions. My doctor put me on spironolactone and it hasn't helped. Now he suggests to try finnisteride. What is your opinion on this? What should I do? I hate to comb or wash my hair because I know that more will just fall out. Please help!

Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective
Dr. Michael Wald, The  
ANSWER: Hello Roselyn:

Do not expect that your natural approach for cleaning and rinsing your hair will make any difference with your hair loss. This issue is internal most likely. Having said this, using all natural hair cleaning products can't hurt.

Finasteride and other similar hair loss products do not actually slow hair loss per se, but rather stop the hair loss from occurring partially. However, if you should ever discontinue taking the medication all of the hair that was prevented from falling out will promptly do will all fall out!  With the medications keep in mind that they work very variably for people and most do not find that they make a significant difference not to mention the potential side effects.

Hair loss can have many causes including, but not limited to:

- malnutrition, malabsorption and from eating disorders: protein deficiency, essential fatty acid, vitamin D, mineral and other nutritional deficiencies can and do cause hair loss. Biotin is a popular B-vitamin remedy but will not work unless you are deficient. I have never seen this work in 23 years of clinical practice.
- hormone imbalances including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone
- thyroid hormone deficiency as a result of hypothyroidism and especially autoimmune forms called hashimoto's thyroiditis
- heavy metal toxicity
- food allergies
- secondary to other diseases: many, many diseases cause hair loss secondary to the disease-process.

Other than scalp steroid injections, dermatologists are ill-equipped in my opinion to handle most internal disorders that include hair loss.

I hope that this information was helpful.

Dr. Michael Wald, Blood Detective.

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QUESTION: Where do I get scalp steroid injections from? Thanks for your reply!

You can get scalp steroid injections from your dermatologist. However, they are not for generalized hair loss, but from specialized forms that usually occur in spots. Speak with your dermatologist. Having said this, it is very short term and will not work for generalized hair loss.

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