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Hi Tonja,

I have been struggling with anxiety and nervousness most of my life.  Recently supplementing with holy basil (tulsi) for a few weeks really helped to calm me and I felt better than I had in a long time. I have been taking it everyday for about 3 months now and it seems that its effects have worn off.  It doesn't help me with my anxiety anymore.  Any ideas why something that was working so well doesn't work anymore?  Should I be rotating it with something else or simply staying off of it for a while?  I also take magnesium and l-theanine occasionally for extra help.

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Hello Jay,

Below is an article on anxiety.
My favorite choices are
Nervous Fatigue Formula with Mineral Chi tonic and possibly NutriCalm. It really depends on if the stress if physical or emotional.

I do offer phone or Skype consults as well.  You can order at my website.
Ordering through me gives you greater access to me.
Flowers can be a great way to go also.
Here is the flower essence test.

I don't find that Holy Basic is the best choice for stress. I have had very good results with the above unless the stress is emotionally based then I choose different herbals.

Are you wound up?
Are you tense?
Do you feel like you are going to explode? Learn to unwind naturally!!!

It is a complex combination of feelings apprehension, dread, fear, nervousness & worry in anticipation of misfortune or disaster. It is a Chronic state of fear that become a frequent state of being which can lead to physical health issues.

Rapid heartbeat
Feel faint
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Cold sweats
Stomach feels like it is in knots

General Anxiety disorders

Extended excess, unrealistic worry
Person may focus on health, money or career issues
Symptoms like:
muscle aches
abdominal upset
Feelings of having a heart attach. Feel like you are going crazy

heart palpitations
chest pain
tingling sensation
feel like chocking
fear of dying
losing control or feelings of unreality.
Intense fear reaction to a specific object or situation like spiders or heights
Level of fear is usually inappropriate to the situation
You recognize it is irrational
Can lead the person to avoid these situations.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Persistent, recurring thoughts or obsessions that reflect exaggerated anxiety or fear like fear of germs.
May lead to rituals or compulsive routines like over washing of hands.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Follows traumatic evens like a sexual or physical assault, witness of a stressful event or disaster.

3 main symptoms:

a. Reliving the event - like a flashback or nightmares

b. Avoidance behavior, emotional numbing

c. Difficulty sleeping, irritability or poor concentration

Tension - When muscle groups tighten excessively creating a rigid condition in the body

Health issues related to muscle tension
a. headaches
b. migraines
c. high blood pressure
d. back aches
e asthma
f. arthritis or joint pain
g. anxiety
h. menstrual cramps
i. intestinal cramps


1. Breathe slowly & Deeply
 a. Concentrate on slowing your breathing
 b. Inhale and exhale more deeply & completely

2. Take Nature's Sunshine Distress remedy
Put Distress remedy under the tongue. Helps with all kinds of emotional stress.

3. Take anti-spasmodic herbs like Nature's sunshine Lobelia or Kava


1. The Pleasure Principle
Make time to relax, do something you enjoy.
Get a massage, pedicure, take a walk, read a book or go to lunch with a friend

2. Get a good night's sleep
If you are having a hard time sleep, please ask for my newsletter on this topic.

Help for falling asleep - Nature's Sunshine -Herbal Sleep

Feed the liver at bedtime if you wake up about 3:00 - Use LIV-J or Time Release Milk Thistle.

Take an Epsom Salts bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts with 8 drops of NSP's Lavender oil.
If you feel angry use NSP's Chinese Liver Balance

Go to bed at a regular time
Don't eat large meals at night
Make your room dark
Eat a small snack with protein at bedtime like almond butter, peanut butter or nuts.
If your sleep is restless use Nervous Fatigue formula at bedtime

3. Reduce Stress Hormones with Adaptogens
Anxiety is part of the normal reaction we have to difficult circumstances. When we must deal with stress, the chemical messengers involved in this process are chronically out of balance.
Chronic stress weakens the immune system and makes the glands work harder and can lead to physical illness.

The herbs we use to balance and modulate these messenger chemicals are adaptagen herbs. Adaptagnes reduce the output of stress-related hormones from the pituitary and adrenals glands.
They reduce both fatigue and insomnia, while improving memory and cognitive function.
Many adaptagens can enhance:

reduce cholesterol
Help high blood pressure
Balance bloods sugar
Nutri-Calm - For a high strung nervous disposition that tends to run around in frantic business. Those who feel like a chicken with their head cut off.

Nutri-Calm contains C and B vitamins that feed the nervous system. It also contains nervine and adaptagenic herbs that do not cause drowsiness but helps one to be more calm in a deliberate manner.

Nutri-Calm is also helpful for overcoming additions like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. For suger and caffeine addictions use Nutri-Calm with licorice root to reduce cravings and balance blood sugar while feeding the nerves.

For more severe anxiety with heart palpitations, insomnia, mental confusion, emotional sensitively and feeling overwhelmed use Nervous Fatigue Formula. It improves sleep with reducing feelings of fatigue.
For long term anxiety and to rebuild exhausted adrenal gland try Adrenal Support. You may choose to add Panothenic acid with the adrenal support if you suffer from chronic abdominal distress, cramps, fatigue and insomnia.


High blood pressure
High cholesterol

People who suffer from anxiety can have a lot of tension in their muscles.
Anything that helps to stretch muscles and get them to relax with reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
Good choices are:

massage therapy
A warm Epsom salts bath

5. Calm the mind
We can have a constant flow of verbal mental chatter going on in your minds. In some people these thought can be so obsessive they promote worry, fear, anxiety and obsession.
Learn to cam the mind through prayer. Focus your attention on the word of God. Godly counseling may be a good choice as well.

For depression try Chinese mood elevator. This can help with depression, fatigue and sagging energy or mood.

Nerve Eight can be helpful for anxiety and muscle tension.
Stress-J is great for digestive stress and feeling more relaxed and calm in general.


A panic attack is an acute form of anxiety that cause rapid, shallow breathing and/or paralyzing fear. The steps below can help one overcome the stress of a panic attack.

1. Breathe slowly and deeply
Concentrate on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths and exhale completely.
Breath in and count 1,2,3,4
Breath out and count 1,2,3,4
This can immediately start reducing anxiety.

2. Take Distress Remedy
Take a dropper full of NSP's Distress remedy. This is a must to keep in any herbal medicine chest. Distress remedy helps reduce emotional shock and trauma and should be in every one's first aid kit.

3. Take antispasmodic herbs

NSP's liquid lobelia can be a good choice. as it calms the heart rate and relaxes muscle cramps and spasms.
Kava Kava can also be beneficial as well.

4. Open a capsule of NSP's magnesium complex and pour it under the tongue. Magnesium is a relaxant and can relax any muscle including the heart.

If stress is on the emotional level, try NSP's Flowers. I am also a Bach flower therapist. If you need a personalized Bach flower remedy designed for you, please call my office for an appointment.
If you are unsure where to being, please call my office for a consultation.
To order herbs go to

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases.

If you have any health problems consult a health practitioner before embarking on any course of treatment

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