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Hi Tonja,

I am a nineteen year old girl of a healthy weight and I've had acne for most of my teenage years. The only time the acne and acne scars have fully disappeared was a few years ago when I started drinking soya milk instead of cow's milk after reading about the hormone imbalance that dairy can cause. Instantly my acne disappeared but it returned 6 months later.

My doctor put me on antibiotics and the pill about a year and a half ago, but I stopped taking the antibiotics last month as I don't think they're working and I recently had a yeast infection which I think was caused by taking antibiotics for so long. I started taking vitamin D supplements about 3 months ago because I live in a northern country and thought the lack of sunlight was affecting my skin. Also I have recently started taking burdock root supplements in case the acne is a sign of a problem with my liver and garlic supplements in case the yeast/candida imbalance is still having an impact.

Finally I replaced my soya milk with rice milk two weeks ago in case the soya milk was causing excess estrogen in my bloodstream but that caused horrible cystic acne to form around my jaw and chin and on my cheeks so I'm going back to the soya! Although I'm not sure if this breakout was maybe caused by a reaction to the burdock root and garlic?

Also I try hard to always eat wholegrains over refined white grains and become bloated if I eat too much wheat. I eat lots of vegetables and fish and try to drink decaf coffee and green tea.

I'm not sure if I'm doing too much or not enough, I don't know what else to do. I'm so worried that it will never go away! Thanks for reading this, sorry it's so long!

Hello Rebecca,

I would encourage you to get on a good Probiotic. Probiotics are very important if you have been on an antibiotic.
When you take D. It must be D3 and you must take it with green foods and good fats for it to be effective.
I would not suggest rice milk. I prefer almond milk or coconut milk.
Grains and what can promote all kinds of health issues. I suggest Ezekiel bread instead as it is a sprouted grain.
I would also do a cleanse. I like CleanStart from Nature's Sunshine.
I know you can get Nature's Sunshine products in the UK.
You might check my website for Probioitc 11 and CleanStart. You would need my member number to order in the UK on their site. #425230.
If estrogenic foods helped you then I would consider Female Comfort formula.
If the soy milk is NOT genetically modified and you are an A blood type you might be OK with it.
To Your Health,
Tonja Wells, CNHP, NHC
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