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Re: endometrial cancer.  I am told the lining is too thick.  What  herbs etc. would you recommend to thin/shed the lining?  Thanks for your help!

Hello Marie,

Sorry this has taken so long. My mother recently passed and I have been the one to deal with all her business.

I would consider doing a Xenoestrogen cleanse as many believe this is caused due to estrogen dominace.

I will add the article I wrote in one of my newsletter to this information.
Pro-G-Yam Cream can be helpful here as well.

Their may also be an adrenal/thyroid connection here as well but I would need to have a phone consult with you to be able to best advise.

Xenoestrogens adhere to the same receptor sites as estrogens. They can gum up the estrogen receptor sties and make is difficult for the body’s natural hormones to do their job well.
Think of an example of a hummer and a Volkswagen competing for the same parking places. The xenoestrogens is like the hummer and the natural estrogen is like the VW. The bully is the xenoestrogens. When there are too many xenoestrogens in the parking lot they occupy all the receptor sites and the VW is not able to find a receptor site or a parking place.
This means you are a grumpy sweaty unhappy hormonal mess. To many xenoestrogens = symptoms of estrange dominance but this is actually a natural estrogen deficiency because the estrogen cells rectors sites are clogged up.
Xenoestrogens are fat soluble. Because of this they lodge in fatty tissues like the abdomen. This means they must find a home. Where do they find it? In fatty tissue.
· Xeno means foreign
· Xenoestrogens mimic natural estrogen's
· Xenoestrogens deposit in fatty tissues like the abdomen.

Use organically-grown or pesticide free fruits and vegetables
Use hormone and chemical-free meats, eggs and dairy products
Avoid using soft plastic goods which tend to leak xenoestrogens – Use BPA Free Plastic
Do not microwave food in plastic containers
Do not leave plastic water bottles in the sun or let them get hot
Drink pure water
Avoid creams and cosmetics which contain parabens and stearl konium chloride
Avoid nail polish and nail polish removers with acetone
Avoid petrochemical based perfumes
Use non-GMO soy products
Avoid all pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Wash your food well to rid the pesticides. Bathe the washed food in a produce wash or ozonated water for 20 minutes before cooking.
Avoid plastic goods - they leach into the environment.
Use glass or ceramics whenever possible to store food.
If a plastic water container has heated up significantly, throw it away - do not drink the water either.
Don't use fabric softeners as it puts petrochemicals right on your skin.
Use a simple laundry and dish detergent with less chemicals.
Use organic soaps and toothpastes. Avoid fluoride.
Use only naturally based perfumes or Nature’s Sunshine’s Essential oils.
Avoid surfactants found in many condoms and diaphragm gels.
Avoid new carpet - it can give off noxious fumes.
Avoid X-rays as much as possible.
Be aware of noxious gas such as that from copiers and printers, carpets, fiberboards, etc. Computer monitors can emit a high level of electromagnetic force (EMF).

Indole-3-Carbinol 1-2 x a day
Algin 1- 2 x a day
Time Release Milk Thistle 1- 2 x a day
Chlorophyll Capsules 1 -2 x a day

Do this for three months and tell me how you see your hormones balance.
I have been doing this three weeks. I have notice a more improved menstrual cycle and weight and  balanced hormones.

Symptoms of High Estrogen

Mood swings
Low sex drive
Cystic breast disease
Increased risk of breast cancer
Uterine fibroids
Decreased sexual drive
Weight gain in hips
Water retention
Puffiness or bloating
Panic attacks
Sleep issues
Heavy menstruation
Sore or swollen breasts
Abdominal fat
Low thyroid
Yeast infections
Foggy thinking
Headaches before periods
Carbohydrate cravings

High Estrogen possible causes
Missing ovaries
Synthetic hormones
Congested liver
Insulin resistance
Exhausted adrenal
Low thyroid
Low salt diet
Low fat diet
Possible Solutions for high estrogen  

Symptoms of low Progesterone
Painful/swollen breasts
Weight issues
Water retention
Early miscarriage
Bone density (low)
Painful abdomen
Heavy periods
Headaches (during
Swollen hands/feet
Mood swings

Possible causes of low Progesterone
High sugar diet
Low fat diet
Exhausted adrenals
Weak pituitary
Insulin resistance
Leaky gut syndrome
Low fiber diet
High estrogen
Removal of ovaries
Low luteinizing hormone
Low thyroid
Low vitamin A, B6, C and zinc
High arginine consumption
High prolactin levels
Low salt diet

To order herbs amd receive them at cost you can go to

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases.

If you have any health problems consult a health practitioner before embarking on any course of treatment

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