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QUESTION: My mom has just two weeks of   radiation every day.

She had cancer on her tounge on the right side and they toock the cancer of.

And they toock 50 lymph nodes from her neck.

Just one lymph node had cancer.

Forgive my spelling but it was a.   Sqwamish cell.  And they got it.

But her mouth has sores from the   radiation.  And no pain meds work..pis there anything to   number. Her mouth  so she can eat?

She is very week and just can eat cream of sweet and cream of soup.

She just has ten days of radiation and they give her 100 per ant recovery.o

ANSWER: Hello Bob:

First I want to say that I am so sorry to hear what you and your mother have been and are currently going through. I am happy to hear though that she has been given 100% recovery prediction.

Radiation is powerful stuff as you know. The radiation is potentially toxic to cancer cells and also all of the other healthy surrounding cells. Radiation will cause atrophy (shrinkage) of the tissues wherever it is focused and, when aimed onto the tongue), will cause atrophy of the tongue, loss of taste and affect other structures in the mouth. Overtime however the situation should get a lot better.

As far as food intake you should consult with your mother's oncologist and ask about medical food drinks. Your mother should be encouraged to eat whatever she wants at this time (healthy diet is for later) because basic nutrition and weight are most important now.

Your mom might consider drinking soup broths and healthy vegetable and fruit smoothies mixed with whey or rice protein. This may sound basic, but this is as far as I can go without knowing lots more details.

I do hope that this helps,
Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hank you for the help.

She has 9 days left of radiation.

She can eat ream of sweet and cream of chicken.

But with no chunks of anything in it.

We strain it for her.

And she can during coffee.

She is 5 feet tall and now she is 144 pounds.

She has no cancer in her it is to make sore there is no cancer cells running around.

So she does look good.

But sometimes she is week.

But I know this because she is not eatting a lot.

She can not have any ice cream or drinks like that.

Because they burn.

I just want to keep her waght up.

Hello Bob:

The cancer, chemotherapy and increased nutrition requirements not met during this entire process often results in malnutrition and wasting (known as cachexia).  Your mom needs more calories in whatever form that she can consume. At this point, the type of calories is not as important as getting those calories in. Consider soup broths, protein drinks and food concentrate drinks like Green Detox, Reds Protect and Longevity Complete from  Visit with a nutritionist that has skill in blood interpretation and dietary review and your moms unique nutritional requirements are best determined based on these evaluations.

Hope that this helps,
Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective

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