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QUESTION: I am a 55 year old female.  I have been in basically good health, exercise and am active.  However, lately, I'm so tired and feel heart palpitations. I finally went to the doctor and he order a CBC, 24 hr Holter, saliva test for Adrenals and a sleep study.  This is about 10X the amount of doctoring I have ever had
(other than 5 babies born)  I got the CBC back and all test were in normal range.  He also did a Thyroid test and it was fine, too. He did an EKG in the office and said all looked good on it.   I just got the Holter test results back and it said my results were technically poor due to artifact but my minimum
heart rate was 47 and maximum was 144. Of course they said sinus trachycardia and bradycardia.  I also had 2 episodes of PACs.  (I can feel those!) "Impression: Benign Holter Monitor with predominant normal sinus rhythm."  My follow-up appt with the doctor isn't until the 10th of July.  In the meantime I
will be doing the saliva test on Friday and the sleep study on the 28th.   Any ideas on this? I eat fairly healthy, with lots of fruits, vegetables and some meat.  I have a few junk foods here and there but mostly healthy and natural as possible, cooking from scratch, seldom using a packaged food, use only Real Salt. I take vitamins and herbs and do not take any medication. I walk 2 miles 4 times a week and do a core/balance/stretching exercise the other 3 days.  Oh, and my BP was 142/82 and 155/100 the last two times it was taken. Yuck!!  Any suggestions or comments about the tests so far? My doctor is a DO.  I go to a great chiropractor who recommended him since she knew I didn't like regular doctors and medications.  I don't want to wait until July 10th to start feeling better. Thanks for any advice you can give me.


ANSWER: Hi Kathy,
What is your occupation? Do you work shifts? Did you have your blood sugar tested?
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QUESTION: Thank you for your response.  I am a bookkeeper/business manager at a church.  I also am a caregiver for an elderly Alzheimer's man and spend three nights a week with him.  He sleeps pretty well and I am able to sleep, too, getting up with him 2 times per night (usually).    The glucose test in the CBC said 97.  I have taken it at home  occasionally and it runs as high as 110 but usually below 100.

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Hi Katthy,
Typicall fatigue can be caued by low throid function, anemia, diabetes, depression. You do not seem to have any of these. Also medications can cause fatigue but you do not take any that could be impliicated. Your sleep pattern also is not likely a cause. One thing that comes to mind is seasonal affective disorder. Peolple who live in the nmorthern lattitutes where there is less sun and more gra skies in fall and winter are more likely to suffer fron SAD. I have recommended SAD lights before to people nad they responded to light well. I myself use it year round. It is a consideration.
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