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Hello Jayne,

I am a 57 yr old man and have suffered from Psoriasis since I was a teenager.  In my lifetime I have been to various Dermatologists and used almost every cream, lotion, shampoo, and ointment on the market, which none ever provided lasting relief.  And today's 'oral' medications are so toxic to the liver I have refused to go that route.  So I am still searching for answers, which is why I am writing to you tonight.  

I am a believer in Alternative Medicine, and in believing this I also believe in the power of detoxing the body and allowing it to heal itself.  Unfortunately I have not found a detox method or mode of treatment that will address, and hopefully cure, my skin problems, but I still have hope there is a method out there.  

So my question to you is:  In your experience with herbs, Reiki, body cleansing, and nutritional supplementation, have you ever had a client who has had Psoriasis and experienced an improvement or a healing of their Psoriasis lesions?  If so I would be very interested in your methods of treatment.  

Thank you.

Yes. Food allergies may be a cause but most likely a mineral deficiency. I would take all minerals and a trace mineral supplement . Also fish oils.  A liver detox is good. Look for a kit at the health food store. Eat only veggies steamed or raw very green  leaves.  and fruits during the cleanse.  Some nuts sometimes fish and chicken. but during the cleanse just veggies. do at least 7 days if not more. You should have improvement. Off gluten for sure will help. I would also take food enzymes with meals. Drink lots of water and take a green supplement like spirilina  or make kale shakes.  Ask yourself what is your biggest irritation and heal it. Mentally. Let it go, forgive whatever it takes. It can be healed. Eat just foods of nature , stay off dairy and wheat. . Get back,with me when you have done some of these things. Web site  Jayne

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