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I want to buy trumeric because it helps me with my illness but i have an issue with my stomach that trumeric causes extreme burning and gastritis when i take the pills

Do you sell coated pills so i will not have a stomach problem and gastritis

or do you have a solution for this matter because i really want to take trumeric

is there a way without harming my stomach

Thank you


I don't sell any products of any kind, but I understand how frustrating this can be. Because herbs are strong, and effective, they can carry problems - just like prescription medications can. You are right to approach using herbs with care, even something as benign (and tasty!) as tumeric. Sensitive stomachs make it especially challenging.

The most IMPORTANT piece of advice I an give is to see an herbalist in person. There may be other herbs or spices that could help your condition but spare your stomach. Getting to know you to that degree and making those kinds of recommendations are not appropriate to do over the internet. This is just general information. I really encourage you to see someone in person.

I have to applaud you for wanting to continue with the tumeric, though...many people would just abandon the natural approach.

Capsules are pretty concentrated doses of the herb. Have you tried something more dilute, but used in larger quantity or more frequently? Maybe taking a lower amount more frequently can help sometimes. Getting a little in is better than nothing at all.

One thought would be to talk to an herbalist about making your own tablets instead of using commercial gel caps. There is a very old fashioned way of making herbal tablets using honey. The honey (anti microbial, has its own health benefits) may buffer the tumeric enough that you could tolerate it ALTHOUGH it would be important to work with an herbalist in doing this so you can get the right amounts and proportions for your individual situation.

Another alternative that might help is making the tumeric into a decoction...a strong tea. That would involve simmering the spice in water, and letting some of the water simmer off to concentrate it. Like making a stock reduction in cooking. I can't imagine that would taste very good though. Adding honey or cane juice or something  to the original mixture would give you a medicinal syrup...but again,  you would have to work with an herbalist to get that just right.

If none of that works, there is always culinary use. Putting it in food protects your stomach from the concentrated hit of pure tumeric, and arguably may be better absorbed than the capsules anyway. Eat it liberally every day. Indian cuisine naturally does that anyway, so indulge in yellow rice, curries and the like if you can tolerate those. Home-cooked foods using tumeric is, of course, preferred to processed or fast food.

I have no real scientific or logical reason for saying this, but a big bowl of really well cooked brown rice comes to mind. Stir in the same amount of tumeric (from the spice section of your grocer is fine) that you would have had in the capsule...add whatever other seasoning makes it palatable to you (a little ghee, some soy sauce, what have you)...not only will that give you the tumeric you are seeking, but it is nourishing, healthy, and comforting. Rice that has been cooked until very soft is often called a "congee" in chinese medicine and is very often used in healing & illness recovery diets.

Again, please find a good herbalist to work with you in person.

Good luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have tried all that, it does not work not even as effective as trumeric pills

Honey also raises Blood sugar, not really a good idea

There must be a way to make such trumeric pills that will not harm a stomach , they just do not put an effort in it

You see, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about - your last note didn't mention that you had tried decoctions, teas, culinary use or any other forms at all. You didn't mention blood sugar issues either.  Those sorts of things are routine part of an in-person evaluation with a good herbalist. This is only general information, as was clearly stated in the instructions to the questioner.

You should see someone in person.

A few additional points:

Turmeric isn't doing damage...many, many, many people eat it daily and take the supplements without the slightest consequence. Either you have a sensitive stomach or some other stomach / digestive issue going on that makes turmeric the wrong choice for you.

Any carbohydrate of any kind will raise blood sugar after you eat it...that is why mainstream doctors measure blood sugar in a fasting state for most tests. Honey is more complex and a healthier choice than refined sugars. If you are diabetic or have glucose metabolism issues, you should work with your doctor and herbalist to find a solution that fits your individual situation. General information from the internet is especially inappropriate for those kinds of dynamic, changeable concerns. Honey is fine thing for most people.

It is not up to "them" to put effort into this. That responsibility is yours. It is up to you to find the right herb and right formulation, and the right person to consult with. Clearly this isn't a good match for what you need. I encourage you to speak with a qualified herbalist, naturopath or homeopathic doctor in person. Good luck in your journey.  

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