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My son has a blister on his toe.  It is popped and there is a flap of skin that is kind of thick so I figured I should not clip it off.  It is not bleeding but is quite red and angry looking under the flap of skin.  Oh, the flap of skin is about the size of 2 peas if that helps to know.  I am wondering what would be good to use on it.  I want to heal it as quick as possible and also ease his discomfort.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you!

Hi Rich.
You are right - it is best not to cut the flap as it protects the delicate healing tissue underneath.
Get a bottle of good quality lavender oil (It should be pure and natural lavender angustifolia.
Clean the toe with slightly salted water with a couple of drops of lavender in the water.  Mix a couple of drops of lavender with some calendula cream, pop over the lesion and cover.  Wash under the shower daily and replace with a new dressing.  The fastest method is to drop the lavender oil directly on the wound, but if your son is very young, this might be a bit distressing for him - it always stings initially, but then is OK.
All the best.

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