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My husband likes Dhal (also called lentils in English) curry so he eats it every day for lunch and dinner. He eats approximately 1/2 cup for each meal.

I cook it as a curry sometimes using water or a little bit of coconut milk. He eats other types of food too along with eating Dhal.

I would like to know if eating dhal everyday has any adverse effect on the health. (A friend told me eating too much dhal is not good)

Thank you


ANSWER: Hi Sara,
We Indians eat every day daal. Daal is a very good source of protein. Vegetarians get protein from daal and milk. Rest assured, it has no adverse effect on the health. However, in Ayurveda daal is prohibited in a few cases but if one is healthy and have no major health issues he/she can eat it daily in lunch and dinner.
The quantity of daal your husband takes is absolutely fine. Even, if he would like to eat more than that he can eat it if he has no health issues. If he has any provide me the detail.

Shashank shekhar

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much.

He has health issues like obesity, sub fertility. Does too much dhal affect these.

I would also like to know what the health problems are where dhal is not good.


Hi Sara,
He can eat dal. In fact, dal would be beneficial for him with the issues you have mentioned.
Dal is prohibited in Ayurveda when one is having vata dosha and he/she has arthritis, spondylitis, any joint pain, severe digestion problem, urticaria etc... Note that it is prohibited in the mentioned cases after nadi examination of the patient. The ayurvedic doctor decide it after properly examining the case and keeping in view the severity of the case. Not necessarily all the vata patients having the above mentioned diseases would be asked to avoid the dal. The ayurvedic doctor uses his/her experience in doing so. It's purely a case of the ayurvedic doctor's discretion.
Hope, it will help you.

Shashank Shekhar

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