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I have developed in interest In Ayrudedic principles, and after eating for my Dosha, Pitta-Kapha, am feeling better.
I have always had a slow metabolism and slow digestion, and these are improving slowly. I am 55 so dont expect to lose 50 pounds overnight, overnight, although this is my goal.
Concerning foods, I have discovered that red meat does not agree with me, and have given it up.
What about carbohydrates? Can I eat complex carbs like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta? Potatoes?
Also, anything I eat after supper seems to go straight to my belly. Is this a characteristic of my Dosha?
Thanks, and God Bless!

Nice to know that you have developed interest in Ayurveda.
Yes, you can eat complex carbs like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. Also, potatoes but in less quantity.
Being Pitta-Kapha, red meat will never suit you.
According to Ayurvedic principles one should not eat any thing after supper.
What you are feeling when you eat after supper may be or may not be related to your dosha. See an Ayurvedic doctor in person. He/she will tell you the exact cause after examining your nadi.

Take care. God blessings!

Shashank Shekhar

Thanks for giving me such a nice rating.
Further, I would like to add that being a pitta-kapha you should not remain empty stomach for long in the morning. You should take your breakfast on time.

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